Veto Pro Pac XL Tool Bag – Review


There are a lot of tool bags available to the contractor.  Tools bags come in a variety of sizes and shapes to try and tailor the perfect bag to the user.  When you think about, how many tool bags have you gone through in your life?  How many real tool bags have you owned in your life?  If you never owned a Veto Pro Pac tool bag, then the answer is zero.

Power Tool Review– Veto Pro Pac Tool Bag

Power Tool Model – XL

Pros: Tough, Protects your tools, Waterproof Base, Organization

Cons: We didn’t own this earlier to help protect our tools we damaged with a cheaper tool bag.

Specifications of the Veto Pro Pac Tool Bag

  • 67 Pockets
  • Holds 100 Tools
  • 20.25” H X 16.5” L X 9.5” W
  • Waterproof Base
  • Weatherproof Body 1800 Denier
  • Marine Proof Rivets
  • 5 Year Warranty

Nuts & Bolts of the Veto Pro Pac

Talk to anyone who has owned a Veto Pro Pac Bag and the first thing you will see is their face light up with a big smile.  That’s because they had the experience of owning a professional grade tool bag, a bag that protects your tools and lasts a lifetime. When you look at this bag everything screams quality, even up to their five year warranty.

The XL is a part of their closed top bags, which means they zip up to keep your tools inside.  Don’t worry if you like open tops because they offer that style also and you will soon see that even the closed top bags can function as an open top.  These tool bags are considered a soft bag, well technically speaking.  The outside of the bag is made from a PVC impregnated 1800 Denier fabric.  On the bottom of the bag is a hard plastic case made from a 3mm polypropylene, which is held together to the body by marine tough rivets.  A user has two options to carry this bag around, a rubber grip handle or a nicely padded shoulder strap that a user can adjust the strap and the location on the bag.  The strap also has Velcro which can be placed against the top of the bag to keep the strap out of the when you don’t need it.  On the outside of the bag there are multiple zippered pockets and a place to hold your tape measure.  You might also notice a couple snaps which is a great idea.  Once you are on a jobsite, you can fold down the sides of the bags and snap them in place so you can easily access your tools inside.

Once you unzip your bag using the large quality zippers, even with your gloves on, you will notice a lot of vertical storage for this bag.  On each side inside the bag there are identical pockets which is separated by a patented insert which helps the bag keep its shape over the years.  The pockets are held together using a double Nylon stitching for added strength.  There is also some small space on the bottom of the bag to store more items.  The biggest thing we noticed is how the set up presents all your tools so they are easy to find, no tool is hidden.

Two cons we have been seeing with the bags are cost and weight which we would like to address because we don’t feel they are cons.  First is the cost.  While these bags come at a premium price, you get what you pay for.  If you want to protect your tools, this is a small cost to pay for the added protection.  The 3mm Polypropylene protects your bag if you set it on a wet surface.  The 1800 denier body is weatherproof for added protection.  Remember you get what you pay for, so we feel cost is not a con.

The next con we see people complain about is the weight.  This bag does weigh around ten pounds without any tools inside.  We do feel this is a con if you are weak and can’t carry any weight.  On the other hand, you get what you pay for.  Quality is a big issue with us, there is a trade off.  You can get a bag that is very light, but you give up durability and protection.  When I am carrying around my tools, I want protection.  If that means I have to carry around a little more weight, it’s worth the trade off.


If your looking for a real tool bag, then you have to look at a Veto Pro Pac tool bag.  While you pay a little more up front, you save a lot down the road.  These are the most durable tool bags we have ever tested.  The storage is great and best of all they protect your tools from damage.  Very easy to organize and find tools without any problems.  All we can say is Veto is the real deal.


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