Omni Containment Super Mags – Review


Once in a while we come a across a product on the internet that grabs our attention. This time its the Omni Containment Super Mags.  They are insanely powerful, so much that if you’re not careful with them they can smash your fingers.  They are used for holding tarps on metal ducting.

We just had to get a set and see what they could do. We received our magnets and they came in a very nice case with foam inserts to keep the magnets separated. The magnet are color coded positive and negative.  Upon reaching into the case and grabbing them I noticed that I could feel the force of the magnets just by removing them from the foam. WOW these things are powerful, it takes a lot of force to pull them apart.

Once out of the box they adhered to any metal surface like they were glued on. We took them to the local river, tied a string to them and threw them in the water to see what treasures we could find. It was amazing how much metal came up from the river bottom. The magnets held up in the harsh cold water conditions. We also used the magnets to tarp off an area we were drywalling, yes they actually adhere to the drywall screws and allow you to tarp.

Each kit has over 500lbs of holding strength, It comes with 12 magnets which are silicone filled for shock resistance. They also have tough durable ABS handles which allow you hang things from the magnets.

We are having a contest in our forum where you can win these magnets. Just post a use for them and you might just win them! Here is the contest forum


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