WION – Home Control at Your Fingertips


I am going to be honest with you.  I have had this system for a couple of weeks and was dreading setting it up.  I am not too much of a technology geek and really didn’t feel like spending a couple of hours setting it up and learning all about it. However since we wanted to show you this system, I had to take the dive and try it out.  All I can say is it’s one of those items you look at and giggle to yourself and wonder what the big deal was.  From the time I opened the package, downloaded the app, plugged it in and set it up, I don’t think my coffee was done brewing.  Whoever designed this system, must have known there are people like me who just want things to work and don’t want the headaches of setting technology up.

So what is the Wion system?  The Wion is an automated home system that allows you to control various products from your phone.  The best part of the Wion system is you don’t need a hub as you do with most other systems.  There are no setup fees or no monthly fees, how cool is that?  Just buy the item and you are all set to go.  While Wion has a couple of different products available, we tried out the indoor Wi-Fi Switch and their Outdoor Wi-Fi Yard Stake.


As you know, if you own one of these products, you can pretty much control everything in your home such as turning on lamps, landscape items, irrigation system, control your pool and more all from your smartphone or tablet anywhere in the world.  In the past, we have tested some other products we have liked, but with the Wion, I noticed a couple of things that stand out to me.

Besides no hub and no fees, the one thing that really stood out to me and impressed me was the on/off feature.  I know that may sound weird, but with products like this that we have tested, you are always stuck with your phone having to use their product.  With the Wion, I love it because I can use my phone or the switch.  Both the outlet switch and the Outdoor stake have a push button on/off.  I have the indoor outlet connected to our Christmas tree.  I tend to fall asleep on the recliner and have to turn everything off when I get up to crawl into bed.  Instead of having to find my phone, wait for the app to open, I can now just walk over to the outlet and push a button.  Again for some people, it might not be a big deal, but for me, I love that option.

In regards to the app, this is very easy to use and the layout is decent.  Navigating isn’t too bad, but what I love about the app is I can set timers and more.  Again, most of the other products we have tested, it’s either on or off.  With the Wion, you have a lot more control on how you will use your smart device.

Okay, I think by now you pretty much know I like this product and would recommend it.  One thing I didn’t mention was the cost.  I have to say all their products are very reasonably priced.  Since I don’t have to invest in a hub, I can buy more products and connect them all together.  In fact with this system, you can connect up to 12 different items.  So in regards to pricing, the Indoor Wi-Fi outlet is about $35 and the Outdoor Wi-Fi Stake is about $40.  Not a bad price to turn your dumb products into smart products.


  1. So now all we need is for Wion to embed a music player app into the system and we can have twelve our christmas light strings flash on and off to some good ol holiday rock & roll…


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