Milwaukee One-Key Radius Light 2146-20

Milwaukee One-Key Radius Light Review

Milwaukee is rocking the boat again with their new Radius light.  Back in August, we checked out their radius compact job site light.  We thought this was a great addition to their already massive lighting product line.  Well, today we are happy to take a look at the Milwaukee One-Key Radius Light.  If you are looking for lighting solutions for your job site, Milwaukee might just have you covered and this radius light might be something you are looking for.

Milwaukee One-Key Radius Light Review

I am not going to get too involved in the light since we already took a look at the Radius light, model 2145.  The Milwaukee One-Key Radius light, model 2146 is pretty much identical.  Both lights are designed for the job site, both have 4,400 lumens, both have pass through plugs and the list goes on.  The main difference with this light is the One-Key.

If you are not familiar with One-Key, you can take a look at Milwaukee’s website and read more about this system.  Without going to in depth, One-Key is a way for you to customize your tools and track them all by using your smartphone or tablet.  So for this light, I will be talking more about how the One-Key integrates with this light.

Before you can begin, you have to download Milwaukee One-Key on your android or IOS operating system.  A couple things to note.  First, this app will work on a tablet, however the app is designed for the iPhone.  Since it’s designed for the iPhone, when you use it on a tablet, it seems clunky and a little outdated.  Second, the app will only work on newer iPhones.  I have a 5S and the app will not work on that phone.  I can download it, but it just crashes.  The app works off Bluetooth, so make sure that Bluetooth is turned on.

Using One-Key

Once you start up the app, it’s great because it automatically detects nearby devices.  So right away I was able to see the Milwaukee M18 Radius LED Compact Light.  From the app, I can see the status of the battery, turn the light on/off and even control the brightness.  Also, you can control which side of the light turns on or off such as 360°, left or right.

Usually, with One-Key you have a lot of options to control, but since this is a light, really what else do you need to control?  I know for some people, the premium with the One-Key will not be worth the cost.  However there will be some who love this One-Key system since not only can you control the light, but you can track your tools and manage your tool inventory.

One really cool feature of this light is the One-Key.  This radius light is designed to shine light all around.  Since you can string 10 of these lights up to each other, they can be a great lighting solution for overhead lighting.  With the One-Key you can control all the lights right from your phone.  You don’t need to install a temporary light switch or anything else.  You can hang the lights up high and control them right from your phone.

Bottom Line

The choice is up to you if you need the One-Key.  While it does offer a lot of extra useful features, it’s not for everyone.  In regards to the light, Milwaukee did a great job designing a very good light for the job site and professional.


  1. Milwaukee One Key doesn’t work on older iPhones? There is no way, this side of Hades, that I will upgrade a phone just because a tool company doesn’t offer working control software on a product they would like me to purchase from them. Appreciate the warning…

    • It doesn’t work on any generation older than the iPhone 5s. It’s a fantastic light but if you’re not going to hang it often you could probably go with the non-OneKey variation. I’ve shown mine to a few people, people that aren’t tool people even and they ALL are shocked by how nice it is, and how bright the LEDs are.


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