Win one of Two Black & Decker Glue Guns

Black & Decker Glue Gun

Want to win one of two Black & Decker Glue Guns?  Sure, who doesn’t.  You may remember we had a first look at this glue gun and fell in love with it right off the bat.  As you know, there are a ton of uses for this tool and how nice is it not being attached to a cord.  So how do you win?  Easy, leave a comment on our Black & Decker Glue gun video, which is below.  On July 4th, we will announce two winners.  Yes, it’s that easy.



  1. B&D cordless glue gun, what can you say, unless your a hobbiest or a crafter not to many more uses for this guy. But! If your a wood worker this could come in handy when you need to temporally hold two pieces of wood together. I have used this method, and it works great. Battery operated glue gun, not much cooler then that! #tiacrew

  2. When Ii install electric in floor heat on a cement floor, I need an easy way to install the straps.
    glue gun wold work great instead of using a SDS and drilling 30 or 40 holes, pounding in anchors and screwing down the straps.

  3. Nice giveaway gents, keeping the giveaways rolling! I know some people that can get a lot of use with a cordless glue gun, I bought the dewalt corded one back in December and it gets occasional use, good for mock ups

  4. Looks really awesome! Would love to cut the cord on my glue gun. Most of the time, I am using a glue gun in places that can be a pain because of the cord, especially when working on my model railroad, the cord is always destroying other parts of the layout.

  5. How awesome is a cordless glue gun.
    I can’t stand the one I have now because I’m always messing with the cord.

  6. I’ve been looking for a dependable glue gun to work on Snow Goose wind sock decoys out in the middle of a corn stubble field, far far away from my extension cord. It would also be handy in my work truck, I’m a general contractor and it would be nice to hot glue something without dragging a cord around for a quick fix on something, You guys ROCK and hope ya have an awesome day!, Jim

  7. The B&D glue gun works great to glue small parts to display what’s stored in location or bins. You can find parts faster seeing a wire nut or a connector or screws stored in each location.

  8. I would use this glue gun for temporarily holding woodworking pieces together during assembly, it will make things easier when working alone.

  9. B&D glue gun can go anywhere with you. For making repairs to new installation on the job. Seal up electrical boxes, and used for crafts and hobbies at home.

  10. I use my corded one all the time around the shop. I can only imagine what it would be like to “cut the cord” and be off and running with a battery operated one.

  11. This glue gun looks like a keeper. Cordless is a great feature. USB battery is another great feature. I can think of dozens of uses for this tool on our ranch. You never know when you need to stick something in place whether temporary or permanent. Important labels on products could be glued back on. That danged rip could be repaired. All kinds of things!

  12. I would use this cordless glue gun to build props for the plays my daughter is writing and acting in. She calls me her prop master and this cordless glue gun would make things so much easier.

  13. Would love to get one of these for my daughter. She is always making crafts and furniture for her American Girl dolls, so when I need my glue gun, I know where to find it. With the battery as a base, it looks more stable than the corded gun with the folding wire stand, so no more tipping

  14. My wife is a crafter and this glue gun would be wonderful for her uses. I, myself, would use it to temporarily use it to hold 2 broken halves of something together while the permanent glue like jb quick sets up.

  15. To ask or comment on what I would use a cordless glue gun is like asking a dog what they would do with a room full of bones and chew toys – go crazy with it, fixing everything in eyesight! I think of all the things that have been thrown away because of not having a tool like this in a tool box or in the home. Why didn’t they have this when I was younger. Thank you!

  16. Perfect for use in our getaway camp. The kids are always tearing up something like a tent of sleeping bag. The B&D seems to have a stable base which so many of the cheaper guns lack. They’re always tipping over from the combination of the flimsy kickstand and unruly electrical cord. Bit of a safety concern.

  17. Seems like every day I find more uses for hot glue. I get real tied of that short cord. The BD cordless looks like a great idea.

  18. Another great video guys, love your banter, too funny!
    As for what I use a glue gun for? Tons of stuff, from filling nail holes, fixing picture frames, old furniture repair, kids school projects, etc.
    I’ve repaired leaky coolers, fixed a boat hatch, among other things.

  19. OOO yea. I REALLY REALLY NEED THIS . Mine was stolen among other tools when My house was robbed last month. FINGERS CROSSED ON THIS ONE.

  20. I hope I win the hot glue gun I used to make crafts that all used for income to support myself as I’ve been out of work since the coronavirus took hold and shut my job down


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