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Bosch RH432VCQ

When it comes to concrete, there is Bosch then there is everyone else.  I know by now you think I am a Fanboy for Bosch concrete and you know what, that’s okay.  They don’t pay us to make these statements, it’s just personal experience.  A while back I was a labor for a major construction company and my main job was to destroy concrete.  We used job bought tools and as I moved from jobsite to jobsite, I had a chance to try all the major players.  Now don’t get me wrong, I love Hilti also in the concrete industry, I just happen to love Bosch.  We beat the hell out of these tools and they never let us down.  I remember after the flood in Chicago, I had to work in the sub basement taking out a huge boiler that was built with bricks.  Wow, was that dusty.  While we were in suits, the tools were exposed to the environment.  While the tools looked like a hundred years old after the first hour, they just kept working.  Even when I was down in the old rail tunnel.  There was still water, mud and who knows what else.  I don’t know how many times the Bosch rotary hammers were just sitting in the water and mud and they never failed.  So where does this bring us?  It brings us to the Bosch RH432VCQ Rotary Hammer.

When I was using tools like this all day, I was concerned with two things.  First was the vibration.  Breaking up concrete or drilling can take a toll on your body by the end of the day.  Today’s tools are so much better than when I was using them.  While a lot of tools have a vibration control in the handle, Bosch went one step further.  They also have an active vibration control built into the hammer mechanism.  Put this together with their design of the handle vibration control and it’s a win, win.  The next item was power to weight ration.  While working on the job, I never checked the specks.  However you could always tell which tool was powerful and what wasn’t.  It always sucked grabbing the heavier tool because you needed more power.  For the Bosch RH432VCQ, the power to weight ratio is fantastic.  The tool weighs 10.3 lbs and produces 3.75 ft-lbs of energy.  So no longer do you have to associate a heavy tool with it being more powerful.

Bosch RH432VCQBosch designed this with some pretty cool features.  The tool has 3 modes of operation: Rotary Hammer, Hammer Only, Rotation Only.  There is also another position to rotate and lock a chisel in the position you want.  Here is one cool feature of this tool.  The Bosch RH432VCQ has a quick change chuck system.  So it’s a piece of cake to change out the chuck in case your chuck gets worn out or you want to move to a 3 jaw chuck shank system.  The tool has a variable speed trigger, also with reverse, that helps provide a more accurate hole start.  One thing to note is that the Bosch has an integral clutch which disengages the output shaft should the bit get into a bind situation.

I could sit here and tell you why I think you should go with Bosch for concrete, but it’s just one of those tools you have to use with another manufacturer side by side to really see and experience the difference.  Again, I know what you think, I am just a fanboy.  I am, but I want to be honest.  I tried really hard to find something I really don’t like about this tool, but I can’t.  This does the two most important things I look for in a rotary hammer and that is vibration control and power to weight, so what is there really to complain about?

Bosch RH432VCQ Specifications

  • Amperage 8.5
  • 3.75 ft-lbs of Energy
  • Max. Hole Diameter in Concrete 1-1/4″
  • No Load RPM 0-760
  • Chuck Design Keyless
  • No Load BPM 0-3,600
  • Voltage 120V
  • Length 15.75″
  • Width 4.0″
  • Chuck Size 3/4 in SDS-Plus
  • Weight 10.3lb
  • Includes Auxiliary Handle, Carrying Case

Again, when it comes to concrete, Bosch is the king.  They design tools to make concrete look like paper.  There tools are tough, made to work hard and get the job done. The Bosch RH432VCQ is a powerful rotary hammer that will let you tackle any job, well you know what I mean.  Learn more about the Bosch RH432VCQ


  1. Bosch makes about the best rotary hammers aside from Hilti, I’ve even heard of Hilis breaking down before Bosch. These things are beasts, when I get mine it’ll probably be a bull dog. #TIACREW

  2. Nice review!!..I am currently in hesitation whether im going to get Bosch or Makita chipping/demo hammer but after reading your post I made up my mind and go for Bosch instead. (though im a Makita fan).


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