Win a Digital Angle Finder or Multimeter


You heard that right, we are giving away one General Tool Digital Angle Finder and one General Tool Multimeter.  Last week we showed you the ToolSmart and now you can be one of the lucky winners.  So how do you win?  Easy, just leave a comment on our YouTube video.  Once we hit 300 comments, we will announce the two winners on our Tool Talk show.  See that wasn’t hard was it?





  1. Forgot you had this giveaway going on, they got some cool stuff from general, I’ve noticed them at Lowes finally, they have a pocket hole jig and a dowel pin jig at HD as well stuck in a spot down by the lumber. Thanks for doing this guys #TIACREW

  2. Storing measurements on your phone would make it really easy to show customers if there is a problem with their wiring. Often it is hard to hold meter so it can be read while you are testing, smartphone app would solve that problem.

    Even an electrician could find a lot of ways to use the angle finder

  3. I can use them both on my new shed project. Half a tree just landed on the old one, which was kind of a godsend. It was already a wreck. Now I have the chance to build the garden folly I’ve always wanted.

  4. Could use on my united way tool man volunteering. Had several hundred tools stolen from my truck and no insurance. Deductible to high.


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