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TruewerkOkay I have to admit I was wrong when we first reviewed the Truewerk Pants and Jacket.  While I loved the quality of these two items, I did complain about the price.  Don’t get me wrong, I always love everything at a deep discount, as I am sure you do too.  Some of the people who left comments also told us they thought it was a little pricey.  So why was I wrong?  Well, it is expensive compared to what you can buy, but I haven’t found better work wear.  Not only is Truewerk stylish, but it is made to last and extremely comfortable.  When I say comfortable, I mean it’s like laying in the clouds, with a drink, straw and one of those tiny umbrellas.  Okay, maybe that is taking it too far, but I think you get the point.  I have been wearing the pants and jacket for a little over 6 months and still love them.  I am sure by now all the people I know think I am homeless since they always see me wearing the same pants over and over.  It’s funny because I always tell myself if I want quality, I will have to ante up and pay.  As you know always easier said then done.  So why are we here today?  We just found out that Truewerk has added some new clothing to their line up and we have a chance to try out their new shorts (Double Stitch T1 Werkshort) , T1 Tech Hoodie and the Black Tie T2 Werkfleece.  As a note on price, you will be happy to know that the prices have dropped since we first introduced this clothing line to you.

Truewerk T1 Tech Hoodie

I don’t care who you are, but the T1 Tech Hoodie is cool.  Besides the looks, this is made for performance.  You can wear this as outerwear or underneath another piece of clothing.  Heck even if you are a runner, this would please you.  The hoodie is made from a synthetic mesh fabric, so it’s on the thick side.  Also it has a rating of UPF 20 and blocks more than 93% of UV radiation (I like the sounds of that).  As I said this is a thinner piece of clothing which makes it breathable and helps keep you cool.  This is designed to be loose fitting to allow for air movement and keeping you cool.  Since this is a hoodie, it does have a hood attached to it.  The hood is on the big size, so if you wear a helmet, this is perfect for you.  Even if you don’t wear a helmet, this has a snap on the neck to keep in place during those windy days.  We have the orange hoodie, which makes the stitching easy to see.  As you can see, the stitching is nice and should provide a long lasting hoodie.  This hoodie has a flatlock seam which will also help protect and reduce chaffing.


Truewerk Double Stitch T1 Werkshort

If you have a pair of their pants, then you will love these shorts.  The double stitch shorts has the same 4 way stretch material which means these bad boys are extremely comfortable.  They have DWR coating which is abrasion resistant and dries extremely quick.  No more walking around with wet pants for the rest of the day hoping the sun will dry them out.  Summer time brings the worst out in our bodies.  We sweat, we stink and we get uncomfortable.  Truewerk incorporated a ‘board short’ closure which provides streamlined adjustment for a great fit while minimizing layers around your waist.

So what about on board storage?  Don’t worry, they didn’t take away the things you like about the pants.  There is plenty of storage to go around for all your loose items.  There are a total of seven pockets including a no snag pen & knife pocket and hip and thigh stash pockets.  Now the one thing I still don’t understand is the back pockets.  For some reason there is only a back pocket on your right butt check for your wallet.  Not a huge deal, but I am a lefty and always have my wallet in the left pocket.  Yes it’s true most of the world is right handed, but I do feel a little left out (No pun intended).  As far as the shorts being sturdy and taking daily abuse, Truewerk incorporated the same riveted stress points and a gusseted crotch, which my boys thank you.  Now you can bend over and do all the things we were meant to do without the pressure, pain or readjusting.

Truewerk Black Tie T2 Werkfleece

This is probably my favorite out of the new items that were introduced.  Not only does this look cool, but it’s durable and best of all, let’s you have free movement.  How many times have you had a piece of workwear on, only for it to bind up and cause you from working like you should?  This uses a stretchable, durable grid fleece fabric with a button front opening.  I would say this is more of a performance piece of clothing when you look at how it’s made, fits and allows you to move around freely.  Since it’s performance, one requirement is keeping you dry, which this fleece should since it was designed right the first time around.  One reason it keeps you dry is because it allows air movement.  But wait, that’s not all.  On the front it has a nice zippered pocket to keep your phone or a picture of Dan, just in case you have withdraw symptoms from TIA.

Overall I love this clothing line.  Yes, they are a little expensive, but you really do get what you pay for.  For the comfort and durability, it’s worth every penny.  Actually just for the comfort, it’s worth the money.  My wife won’t let me go out in sweat pants anymore, so there went the comfort, well until I discovered Truewerk.


  1. Just saw the video this morning, I like the hoodie and shorts, not sure enough to get it, I’m kind of a cheapo with clothes, but ill splurge on tools lol #TIACREW


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