Win a Bosch REAXX Table Saw


How would you like to win a brand new Bosch Table Saw?  Right, that is a dumb question.  Who wouldn’t want to win one of the best table saws on the market?  Recently Bosch introduced a brand new table saw called the REAXX.  The REAXX is one of the safest table saws on the market and can help you keep all ten of your digits. Let’s say you’re ripping a board and your finger accidentally hits the blade.  In the old days, you would have to find your finger, put it on ice and take a long trip to the emergency room.  With the REAXX, let’s take the same example of ripping a board.  Now if your finger accidently hits the blade, instead of losing your finger, the system will sense flesh made contact with the blade and a very cool safety feature will kick in.  As soon as the saw senses flesh, the blade will automatically drop into the table saw, saving your finger.  Here is the cool part.  Besides saving your finger, resetting the saw is extremely easy.  All you have to do is grab the provided wrench, unscrew a cap, flip the cartridge and tighten the cap.  Now just lift the blade back in place and you’re set to go.  Another plus, the table saw doesn’t ruin your blade.  You can use the same blade you originally had in the saw.  Now there is a ton more to learn and know about this saw, but I will leave that up to you.  You can head over to Bosch and check out the REAXX.

So how do you win?  Easy, just follow us on Instagram.  Once we hit 20,000 followers, we will announce one lucky winner.  Yes, it’s really that easy.  So why wait?  Head over to Instagram and start following us.  Not only will you get a chance to win a great table saw, but you get to stay up to date on Tools in Action.


  1. Do you need us to have a non-private account? I think with a private account, you can still see that we followed you – you just can’t see our photos. Which, no offense, but most of my photos here are personal and family photos, which I purposefully post in private mode because I don’t want the general public to able to see them.

    Hope that makes sense!

  2. What a great saw to own. Bosch did it right with this saw. If you are in the market to get one you need to consider this one. ##tiacrew

  3. These things are pretty sweet! If I win this I’ll put my hand in the blade and film it… just saying I think it’s a worthy sacrifice #tiacrew

  4. Wood help with my job sites doing handyman work…my Ryobi isn’t that transportable but I’ll do whatever it takes.


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