Weather Guard Truck Chest Review

Weather Guard Truck Chest Review

Here in Texas, trucks are king. They are everywhere, but you can always tell the people that use them for work or people that use them for pleasure. I drive a truck, it hauls my kids and groceries, but it also gets its fair share of abuse from hauling lumber, mulch or dirt by the yard, and tools for projects I am working on. Toolboxes are no longer just for pro’s, that’s for sure. Weather Guard has an amazing reputation in the truck toolbox world and is one of the brands you can see still rolling twenty plus years later in the back of a tradesman’s truck. So, with the new Defender Series, does Weather Guard keep performing where it counts? Check it out in the Weather Guard Truck Chest Review.

Weather Guard Truck Chest Review Overview

Weather Guard has a cool history behind it. Originating in the 1960’s by a man named Howard Knaack, Weather Guard started with a modest shop and high-quality steel made right here in America. A lot has changed over the years, and Weather Guard is now owned by Werner Co. One thing that hasn’t changed though, is their commitment to making the best tool boxes tailor designed to provide storage solutions to tradesman for their trucks. The Defender Series is slightly different than some of their other lines and isn’t just for the pros. This line is meant to be somewhat more budget friendly while providing the same protection we have come to expect from Weather Guard.

Weather Guard Truck Chest Review Features

Weather Guard Truck Chest Review

The Weather Guard Truck Chest measures 50 x 19.6 x 19.3 for a total of 10.9 cubic feet of storage and weighs in at 44 pounds.

Weather Guard Truck Chest Review

At first glance, you can see the diamond plate heavy-duty aluminum construction. The 4-piece welded construction keeps the chest strong and rugged feeling despite the aluminum feeling thinner than what you’d expect. Weather Guard Truck Chest Review

The lid is made with C-channel reinforced construction that is welded to prevent against prying open. As well the reinforced front panel provides additional protection against break-ins.

Weather Guard Truck Chest Review

The push button locks open with one push allowing for easy opening with full hands. The push button locks are also strong and durable, with drill resistant key holes making them more resistant to tampering.

Weather Guard Truck Chest Review

The chest includes D-shaped ribbed weather stripping for full ultimate weather resistance.

Weather Guard Truck Chest Review

The lid features dual gas struts for smooth operation and use. Additionally, the welded aluminum channels ensure the lid closes evenly and securely.

Weather Guard Truck Chest Review

The 2-hook loop strikers and dual stage rotary latches give the chest optimum security.

Weather Guard Truck Chest Review

The included small parts tray allows for small hardware to be stored neatly.

Weather Guard Truck Chest Review

The chest is mounted using support legs that are included to mount the chest to the bed and made of heavy-duty powder-coated 1/4 inch steel to resist crimping during use.

Weather Guard Truck Chest Review

This chest is designed for full size and compact pickup trucks and carries a 7-year warranty.

Weather Guard Truck Chest Review Performance

Weather Guard Truck Chest Review

The Weather Guard Truck Chest is strong and durable. I was a bit surprised that the aluminum seemed thinner than I expected, but the welding and supports allow it to stay strong. The locks perform well and do seem to hold true to the tamper-resistant claim. Although, I am hoping to never truly test that theory.

The Chest opens easily and smoothly thanks to the struts and by reinforcing the lid, there is no visible bend. The Chest is heavy without being overly so, making moving it in and out of the truck easy. The Weather Guard name remains solid thanks to the weather stripping. Despite the constant rain as of late here in Texas, not a drop has squeezed past the seal. This is an awesome tuck tool chest and allows plenty of room still to haul other cargo in the truck bed.

Weather Guard Truck Chest Review Value

This Truck Chest retails at $462 dollars on at Home Depot. This is steep for a toolbox but its a manner of what you need it for. Eric recently took a look at the black, powder coated toolbox as well but it costs a bit more. Trucks don’t afford you a lot of storage space. For people who need to haul tools but also people, a storage box of some sort is needed. Even if you aren’t a tradesman, the average person can get a lot of use out of a toolbox like this too. Protecting things like camping or hunting equipment, tools for projects, or a host of other things.

Weather Guard makes some of the best tool boxes out there. Weather Guard’s aim is to appeal to more consumers where ultra high-end toolboxes are overkill. This line is a great middle ground. In terms of value, their quality and features make for a great tool chest.

Weather Guard Truck Chest Review Final Thoughts 

I’ve been debating on a toolbox for quite some time. I debated a long time about a truck purchase. I needed the ability to haul wood and tools, but I didn’t want to lose protected storage space. My Ford F-150 is an amazing truck, adding a chest has solved a lot of the storage problems I once had. If you don’t need the intense strength of some of their higher-end models or are looking for a storage option that won’t break the bank, this tool chest is a great place to start your search. It has something for everyone, professionals, hobbyists, and everyone in between. Weather Guard is a name we all trust to protect our investments, and this tool chest is no exception to their reputation.


  1. Totally dissatisfied, sorry but this thing is worthless! After packing the box with tools, hoses and cords on top… The drivers side plastic mechanism holding the rod broke under some obvious strain. I believe you could get into this box with a can opener. Ever since that broken plastic the box constantly opened at least a dozen times. The last time I slammed it so hard I bent the right lock mechanism and it would not open. So I took a grinder and cut the aluminum weld after bending the crap outta the darn thing. Making up my own lock system etc because this thing is flimsy and useless to me as it is


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