Milwaukee Bolt Cutter Review

Milwaukee Bolt Cutter Review

Not everyone needs a bolt cutter but when you do, it’s extremely handy. A bolt cutter is a very useful tool for cutting chain, bolts, locks, wire and more. This hand tool was first introduced and designed to cut bolt seals from shipping container when they were delivered. As time has passed, they have grown and are now a common tool. So let’s jump into the Milwaukee Bolt Cutter Review and see how these stand up.

Milwaukee Bolt Cutter Review Overview

If you have been following Milwaukee, you are familiar with how fast their hand tool segment has grown over the years. The 46-22-4014 is just another addition to their large line of tools.

The one thing to note with bolt cutters is the large price discrepancy. Some bolt cutters are extremely cheap while other you pay through the nose. One of the key differences with a cheap bolt cutter and a quality bolt cutter is the material, swivel action, and comfort.

Milwaukee Bolt Cutter Review Features

Milwaukee Bolt Cutter Review

The Milwaukee bolt cutters are a 14″ cutter and designed to cut bolts, locks, chain, wire mesh, fencing and other heavy-duty applications.

Milwaukee Bolt Cutter Review

The grips are designed so they don’t slide off or even peel away. At the end of each grip is a loop for a lanyard.

Milwaukee Bolt Cutter Review

The blades are forged steel and heat treated which means they are designed for durability and longevity.

Milwaukee Bolt Cutter Review

The max cut capacity is 5/16″.

Milwaukee Bolt Cutter Review

The bolt cutter is designed by securing the pivot bolts to prevent loosening, plus it has adjustable blades.

Milwaukee Bolt Cutter Review Performance

We cut a lock, a bunch of chains and some fencing with these. Unfortunately, Dan overwrote the SD card and we lost the pictures, so all I can say is they worked great on all of those materials. I wouldn’t expect it to be hard but a little surprised how little effort was needed to make these cuts.

In regards to performance, the first thing I noticed was how smooth these cutters are. I have owned a couple of pairs in the past and they always seemed like a struggle to open them up. The Milwaukee is very smooth and easy to open.

Milwaukee Bolt Cutter Review Value

You can pick these up at The Home Depot for about $30. Sure you can find 14″ cutters for a little cheaper, but for these, I think this is a fair price. Considering how easy it is to open and close and the quality of the cutters, $30 is a fair price.

Milwaukee Bolt Cutter Review Final Thoughts

Bottom line, if you are looking for bolt cutters, you can shop around and find a variety of cutters on the market. The Milwaukee cutters bring a quality feel with smooth action for a fair price.  In the end, can you really ask for anything else in a bolt cutter?


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