Wagner Ferno 750 Heat Gun

Wagner Ferno 750

Wagner is known for their painting solutions.  In fact, we have tested some of their products in the past such as the Wagner Flexio 990 and the Wagner Power Painter Max and found them to be great solutions for the homeowner.  Now I know they do have some products for the professional, but we have only tested the homeowner sprayers.  Any homeowner looking to make their life a little easier, should take a look at Wagner.  As for myself, I hate painting.  I can think of a thousand other things I would rather do.  While I still don’t like painting inside the house, I don’t mind staining my shed or fence with the Wagner Flexio 990.  With that said, Wagner has a new solution out to make our lives easier.  Now this isn’t a first to market, but this is a new line by Wagner, the Wagner Ferno 750 which is their top of the line heat gun.  They do have other models available, but today we are discussing the Wagner Ferno 750.

Wagner Ferno 750When Wagner designed this heat gun, they did much more than just an on/off switch, they designed this with a ton of features.  Since this is a heat gun, I guess now would be a great time to talk about the range.  The Wagner Ferno 750 has a temperature range from 120°F-1200°F.  The heat gun puts out 1,500 watts/5100 BTU’s, so it has some serious power.  So you can see this has a broad range and makes it ideal for a wide variety of projects such as softening putty and caulk to stripping paint and thawing pipes.  The heat gun has 117 temperature settings so you can dial in the correct temperature.  Speaking of that, it really doesn’t have a dial. Instead, there is a nice LED screen that allows you to control the tool.  There are 4 buttons that surround the screen.  The top left button is for on/off.  To the right of that, you can control the fan speed, which has 5 different settings.  The bottom two push buttons are to control and set your desired temperature.  There is even a cool down feature which can help extend the life of the tool and also allow you to pack it up quicker.

Opening up the heat gun case, you will find some accessories.  The kit comes with the following accessories: concentrator nozzle, curved deflector nozzle, flare nozzle, glass protector nozzle and a 5-1 tool.  The case isn’t only to carry the tool, but you can also use it as a base station for hands-free operation.  To top if off, you get a 2 year warranty with the Wagner Ferno 750.

When I first heard about the heat gun, I can’t say I was too excited about it considering the top of the line model is only $70 at The Home Depot.  However when I received it, it was a lot more and seemed very nice.  It doesn’t feel cheap.  While the 5-1 painters tool isn’t the best quality, the other accessories are very nice and will come in handy for different projects.  The push button operation is smooth and even the buttons don’t feel cheap.  I am not sure the time frame, but the unit seemed to heat up extremely quick and I wasn’t waiting around.  The LCD is nice and big, which makes reading the setting very easy to do.  Every tool has something that can be improved on, but I am struggling to find something to complain about with the Wagner Ferno 750.  I mean they advertise it as a heat gun. The gun heats up and is very easy to use.  The cool down feature is nice and I love how the tool has an integrated stand  if you need to hold your work with both hands, you can still use the heat gun and have it pointing up.

Overall I think this is a great tool from Wagner.  Now I am only speaking of the Wagner Ferno 750, but if you need a quality heat gun that won’t break the bank, I think this is a wise choice.  We always love hearing what you think, so leave a comment below or on our YouTube video.


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