Milwaukee Search Light – M18 LED Light

Milwaukee Search Light

Milwaukee Search LightBelieve it or not, there is another light from Milwaukee, the Milwaukee Search Light.  Now I know what you’re thinking, Milwaukee turning out lights?  It’s crazy isn’t it?  Well actually Milwaukee has the largest light line available for any power tool manufacturer.  What I love about Milwaukee lights is not only their design, but they are quality lights.  The Milwaukee lighting division has been kicking butt and taking names.  They pretty much have a lighting solution for any professional tradesman.  From small lights to large stand lights, Milwaukee has you covered.

When you look at the Milwaukee Search Light model 2354 it reminds me of a fire light.  While these aren’t designed for extreme heat,Milwaukee Search Light they are designed for toughness.  In fact, this light has an IP54 rating which is perfect for an all-weather light.  If you notice the front of the light, it actually has two areas where LED lights are located.  There is one in the middle and four around the corners of the light.  So what does this mean? Well it means this has more than one mode.  In fact, this light has four different modes.   All the following figures I am going to give you are assuming you are using their M18 5Ah battery.  There is a Spot light (Center Light) mode with 600 lumens and 7 hours of run time.  Next is a Flood light (4 lights on the corners) with 1,200 lumens and 4 hours of run time.  There is also a spot/flood light which means all the lights are on and you will get 1,250 lumens and 4 hours of run time.  The last mode is Stobe light for those who love disco.  With the strobe light you get 1,200 Lumens and 5 hours of run time.

Milwaukee Search LightUsing the light is easy.  There are two buttons, a power button and mode button.  Once you turn on the light, you can switch modes using the mode button, makes sense to me.  Once you put on the spot light option, you will get a distance of 700 yards which is just a tad under 6 football fields (Sorry I have to count the end zones).  6 football fields is a heck of a long way.  The head will pivot a total of 198°, so shining light on any area isn’t an issue.  While it does have a key hole, it doesn’t have a tripod thread to mount it.

Milwaukee has taken the lighting scene by storm.  No one comes close to them.  The lights are quality and made for the job site.  They are made to take the daily abuse and the Milwaukee Search Light isn’t any different.

Milwaukee Search Light Specifications

  • Spot Mode 600 Lumens – 6 hrs
  • Flood Mode 1,200 Lumens – 4 hrs
  • Spot/Flood Mode 1,250 Lumens – 4 hrs
  • Strobe Mode 1,200 Lumens – 5 hrs
  • Length 12.9″
  • Weight 3.1 lbs
  • Height 4.7″
  • Width 5.5″
  • Warranty 5 Years

Overall another winner from Milwaukee Tool.  The light is bright and tough.  What else do you really need from a search light?  For a $99 price tag, it’s a steal.  Anyone looking for a quality search light should try Milwaukee Search Light.  Trust me, you will be impressed.


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