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I was looking around Amazon the other day and started seeing tools I have never seen before.  So I thought it might make a great article and also find out other tools that people have seen that may be unusual or a tool that isn’t common.

So today I figured we would check out unusual tools found on Amazon.  Not every tool on this list is unusual.  While some are unusual, others are just tools that are less common or people might not know about.  I am not recommending you buy these tools, I just thought it would be a fun list. So let’s jump into the list.

1Universal Socket

  • Name – Universal Socket, KUSONKEY Professional 7mm-19mm Universal Socket Tool Sets with Power Drill Adapter
  • Price – $8.45
  • LinkAmazon

Thoughts – Personally, I think this is a pretty cool invention.  No, it’s not going to replace my socket sets but how nice is it to have this in your truck or on top of your workbench for those quick fixes. It has good reviews so it has to work.

2Duplication Gauge

  • Name – Saker Contour Duplication Gauge
  • Price – $47.99
  • LinkAmazon

Thoughts – Another cool invention to make life easier.  This one comes in a kit.  I have seen some cheaper ones for a single pack but I do like having the option of different sizes.  There have been times I am tiling and have some weird cuts around door trim and the vanity base and this would have made things much easier and quicker.


  • Name – Studpop Magnetic Stud Finder
  • Price – $10.95
  • LinkAmazon

Thoughts – I have actually used this before.  It’s okay but not something I would be using all the time.  However, this is great if you don’t have a stud finder.  All in all, it’s a cool and practical idea of finding studs.

4Caulk Nozzle Applicator

  • Name – 3 Pcs Caulk Nozzle Applicator
  • Price – $12.99
  • LinkAmazon

Thoughts – Okay, so who wouldn’t want this?  The job is easier, cleaner, and gives you a nice professional look without the hassle.  My only question is how well do they work?  There aren’t many reviews so not sure how much I trust it.  But for $13, I might give this a try for my next caulking job which is coming up in a couple of months.

5Toolbox Label

  • Name – Ultimate Magnetic Toolbox Label organizer set
  • Price – $14.95
  • LinkAmazon

Thoughts – I love organization.  Here is a nice practical way to keep my boxes organized.  What I like about this is they are magnetic so if I change my drawer set up, I can just move the magnetic label instead of trying to peel them off.  This seems like a must for people like me.

6Canvas Tool Bags

  • Name – ANPHSIN 6 Pack Canvas Tool Bags Heavy Duty 16 oz.
  • Price – $22.99
  • LinkAmazon

Thoughts – This isn’t really unusual but one I had to put on since I use these all the time.  Not only do I use them, but my younger son uses them for his toys.  It all goes back to organization and this is just another way to stay organized and mobile.

7Magnetic Wristband

  • Name – HORUSDY Magnetic Wristband
  • Price – $11.99
  • LinkAmazon

Thoughts – This is something I wouldn’t really use but I know the mechanics next door uses bands like this.  They use them a lot so they must like them.  I can see how this would be great for a variety of applications such as if you are working under a car and taking it apart.  Instead of laying the fastener down on the ground for it to roll or be kicked away, you can know just attach it to your wrist so it’s always there.

8Sockets Adapter sets

  • Name – PANOVO (3Pcs) PE-14000 Power Hand Tools Sockets Adapter sets
  • Price – $7.99
  • LinkAmazon

Thoughts – Again, not something new or unusual but I love the colors for quick and easy access.  The adapters I have are black so not only do they blend in with everything but I have to figure out which one is which.  With the quick colors, I know I can grab the blue and I have a 1/2″.  Simple and effective.

9Kindling Cracker Firewood Splitter

  • Name – Kindling Cracker Firewood Splitter
  • Price – $89.99
  • LinkAmazon

Thoughts – For me, this is a little overpriced but it does seem to be built solid and therefore last for years.  I burn a lot of wood every year so this is something I would get great use from as sometimes I just need smaller wood to get the fire going.

10Magnetic Screwdriver Set

  • Name – HORUSDY 100-Piece Magnetic Screwdriver Set with Plastic Racking
  • Price – $36.99
  • LinkAmazon

Thoughts – I just think this is a cool kit for any homeowner to get started.  I am not sure the quality of the kit and for $37, yes it makes me think.  However for $37, I am buying one because I have everything I need right on my bench, it’s organized and easy to read.  This one kit will allow me to fix any fastener around the house with ease without me having to go through all my tools to find the right tool.

11Caulking Tool Kit

  • Name – Outus 4 Pieces Sealant Tool Caulking Tool Kit
  • Price – $5.99
  • LinkAmazon

Thoughts – Here is another caulking kit.  Can you tell I don’t like caulking?  For me, it’s messy and a pain.  So any help I can get, I am a huge fan, especially when it helps me have the finished project look like a professional completed the job.

So there is the list of some unusual tools we found on Amazon.  What tools do you think should be added to the list?  Are there certain tools you like on this list or would try?



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