Quiklid – The Easy Way to Clean up Messes


The 5-gallon bucket is one of those staples that is in almost every house.  For me, I have them all over.  I have some in my basement for trash, I have one for tools, I have another for my kid’s baseballs and I have a lot more for the wood pellets for my Traeger.  It was only a matter of time before someone designed a cool system for clean up, which is why we are here today.  The Quiklid is a new and practical way to turn your 5-gallon bucket into an easy to use clean up tool.

Quiklid Overview

How many times do you have a little mess that you want to clean up?  For me, it’s all the time.  Sometimes I am cutting in the garage and want to clean up the sawdust and other times I am sweeping the basement floor and need a quick place to put the waste.

The Quiklid is an easy to use and extremely practical and helpful tool to help make clean up easier.  The Quiklid is a plastic dustpan that quickly attaches to any 5-gallon bucket and allows the user to directly sweep contents of the floor into a 5-gallon bucket.  Pretty cool.

Quiklid Features


As you can see the Quiklid is a plastic piece that resembles a dustpan.


On the outer edges, there is a lip that will snap onto a 5-gallon bucket.


Once the Quiklid is attached to the bucket, it stays in place.  You can leave it on and place it in the corner and use it as a backstop for the times you try and mimic Michael Jordan or you can quickly place it on the floor and perform a quick clean up.


To take off the lids, there is an area that protrudes so a user can easily snap the Quiklid off.


As you can see, when it lays on the floor, it stabilizes the bucket so it’s not rolling around while you are trying to sweep the mess into the bucket.

Quiklid Performance

For me, this is a no brainer.  The product works as described.  The lid is easy to put on and take off, but more importantly, the product works as a dustpan.  Simply lay on the ground, sweep up the mess, turn the bucket back upright and you are all set.

I like how easy it is to put on and take off the lid.  I love how wide the mouth of the pan is and the angle which makes it easier even when using a larger broom to perform the cleanup.

Quiklid Value

You can pick the Quiklid up at your local Lowes for $5.98 which I feel is a great price.  This makes it easy for me to buy one for my garage and another for my basement.

Quiklid Wrap Up

The Quiklid offers great value and a simple way to clean up messes around the house or job site.  I love the quality of the lid and how the plastic is rather thick and sturdy.  The bottom line, if you want to turn that 5-gallon bucket into a useful cleanup tool, the Quiklid is the way to go.


  1. can you take off unit and store it in the bucket and maybe put one of those seat caps on bucket for multi use enjoyment of setting down?? on the job
    love your site Jmc

    • Thanks for the feedback about the site. I like your idea and that would be awesome. We tried it but can not get the Quiklid inside the bucket because it’s wider.

  2. Wow, I follow y’all on Instagram but didn’t actually realize all that you did behind the scene!! These are great reviews, thanks!


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