Ultimate Tool Give Away 3 – Johnson LDM Added


Johnson Level has added a Johnson Level 40-6004 130-Feet Laser Distance Measure to the Ultimate Tool Giveaway 4.  Any day now Cody R should be getting his tools from the previous giveaway.  To enter like us on Facebook or subscribe to us on Youtube.  If you do both you have more chances to win.  The Ultimate Tool Giveaway will be on December 25th 2013.


  1. Great addition guys! Thanks Johnson for being continued supporters of the Ultimate Tool Giveaway!! Keep up the great work!

  2. Hopefully I get them soon. This Saturday I’m helping build a deck for a pool and would love to see how the bosch brute drill, drills holes through 6 by 6s for lag bolts.

  3. Nice! This is one of those tools I always wanted but couldnt justify the price at the time when they were several hundred dollars and I could do the same thing with a tape measure or a wheel. It would be great to own one.

  4. Johnson Level is one Awesome company to put this in your Ultimate Tool Giveaway! They make real quality tools. Notice you say it’s for giveaway #4. 🙂 . Congratulations again Cody! Looking forward to the unboxing video.

  5. COOL, Johnson has some good products. Dan & Eric don’t forget me when passing out
    them freebies and tool bags. Am old but still useful and can still make stuff and
    need good tools to measure once and cut three times then go to Home Depot and buy
    more lumber. LOL


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