Ryobi RY08420 Back Pack Gas Blower – Review


Back pack blowers are normally for the pro.  You see them in use by professional landscape pros all the time.  So why not have one designed just for the home owner?  Well Ryobi has done just that with the RY08420 back pack blower.  Just from looking at the unit you can tell this is no ordinary back pack blower.  The air tube is sideways which gives the air more of a direct path resulting in more velocity. It puts out 185 mph and 510 CFM from its powerful 42 cc engine.

ryobi blower 9 ryobi blower

        The RY08420 is also mounted at a down angle which makes the unit more comfortable when clearing ground debris.  I can honestly say this is one the most comfortable blowers I have ever used.  The ergonomics seemed to fit me just right.  Vibrations are kept at a minimum because the unit uses springs where it is mounted to the frame.  The unit is quieter than most thanks to the air tube doubling as an exhaust.  At 18lbs it is not the lightest blower on the market but it could have fooled us.  You barely notice it on your back. I attribute this again to its stellar ergonomics.

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The engine is easy to start and started first or second pull almost every-time and would even blow wet leaves.  We would like to have seen a clear gas tank on this unit instead of the brown, non-transparent tank.  This is a 2 cycle unit which means you need to add oil to the gas. Do not forget to add oil to the gas.  The trigger throttle, stop switch and cruise control are all easy to operate on the handle.  This blower was engineered from the ground up for the homeowner.  Ryobi hit this one on the head and at only $199, it’s a steal.

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  1. Great writeup Dan!! Ryobi is really stepping it up with the outdoor power equipment line this year! 18 pounds seems like feather on your back! To bad it is not a 4 cycle like some of the other equipment they have.. I also wish the fuel tank was clear so you could see your fuel level. Keep up the great work!

  2. I never would of thought of turning the engine and air path on its side. A lot better flow path. The 2 cycle is not as attractive but as long as you remember to mix it will be great. Just don’t let your neighbor borrow it. 🙂

  3. Ryobi really is a good brand. I had a different opinion about them over the years but after seeing all the great tools they offer reviewed on this site I can see they are great.

  4. I read this review then added this to my Amazon which list. Another great review of a product that is in reach of, and needed by many of us.


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