Ultimate Tool Bag Winner 2012 – Winner


Last week we told you YouTube user “2lateIwon” won the 2012 Ultimate Tool Bag.  His name is Brian M from Oklahoma and he even made a video of him opening the Ultimate Tool Bag Tools we sent him.  A new Ultimate Tool Bag giveaway has already started and we will let you know more details on that soon.  So congrats to Brian and thank you for the video!




  1. Well I want to congradulate “2lateIwon” , and thank him for sharing the great gift he won.
    Hope you’s let him know if he puts a little candle or turtle wax on the zippers, they should open and close a little easier. I thought it was a great solection of tools and he seems to know about them all.
    I also want to thankyou guys for sharing his video with all of us. It’s always good to see someone that appreciates the gift(s). If he was not a member of the site, He Certainly Seem To Recall The Previews Of The Tools Pretty Good!
    I may have not won and I certainly do not know the gentleman, but I’m glad to have seen the video of him and his family as he shared his tools unpacking gifts to us.

  2. Congrats BRIAN & Son. Glad that he won, sounds like a nice guy, nice family man.
    Really glad that you gave him time to respond.


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