Ultimate Tool Bag Giveaway 4 – Starts today with a DeWALT DCN692 Nailer!


DeWALT is kicking off the Ultimate Tool Bag Giveaway with the brand new DeWALT DCN692 Framing Nailer.  The Ultimate Tool Bag 4 will be held on July 4th 2014.  We won’t make you jump through hoops to enter or give your right arm and leg.  The nailer is just the beginning, this will be a huge giveaway.  If you already engage you are already entered.

To enter just engage!  Anywhere on our site or social networks.

(You don’t have to do all three, just one will enter you in the giveaway)

FaceBook – Like us on FaceBook.  Like our posts or leave a comment.
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You can even login with your Facebook or Twitter account.  We want to hear from you.  The more you engage with our social networks, the more chances you have to win.

You must have a US shipping address and be 18 years of age. Winner will be announced July 4th 2014 toolsinaction.com





  1. So if we are already a TIA forum member, are we automatically entered into the contest? I really try to avoid Facebook as much as possible. Awesome first addition to the toolbag, BTW.

  2. This is amazing already… seems like a cordless nailer is hard to beat – at least, it sure is nice to be compressor free 🙂

  3. You guys really do a great service for the carpenter/contractor, like these giveaways. The reviews are real and the written posts are always entertaining. Thanks.

  4. Ever since we’ve been married my wife has been asking me to build her a Hope chest , this nailer would be perfect for that, and a few other projects on the to-do list 😉
    Have been looking into this gun ever since you reviewed it a few weeks back, I’m a huge DeWalt fan and would LOVE one of these nailers
    Looking for good, honest independent Dewalt tool reviews is what led me to your site, and you have a loyal, daily visitor with me, Keep up the great work

  5. Hi Guys,
    I’m back – was just watching the review for HDS182 Bosch 18v Brushless Hammerdrill, and towards the end of it you asked for suggestions on a “Readers Choice” Ultimate Tool Bag Giveaway, soooo….. (Keeping it reasonable….)
    DCS371 DeWalt 20v Compact Bandsaw
    NLP05 Northwest Instruments 5 point Laser
    Dorcy Flashlight
    ESS Crossbow safety glasses (very cool PPE)
    Newborn Z-Lite Caulk gun
    DeWalt DCS355 20v Multitool
    DeWalt DCR015 Worksite Charger /Radio (to charge all these great new 20v Dewalt Tools :-). :-). :-). )
    I’m a DeWalt fan, what can I say ?
    A Dewalt Router would be nice, I’m currently looking at DW618pk (hint, hint. Lol)
    I’m never lucky enough to win anything like this, but you asked, and it’s nice to dream 🙂
    Keep up the great work !

  6. Aha !, the Milwakee 5616-21 router – looks great, pretty similar to the DeWalt i was looking at – PLUS – it can adjust “above the table” for router table use, and i like that velcro strap for ease of handling, haven’t seen that on any other router…

    Will make a nice addition to my Ultimate Toolbag 🙂

    Erm, i mean THE Ultimate Toolbag !, i mean, it’s not like i suggested a router in a previous post, and now here you are reviewing routers, no, no, no – just a complete coincidence, right guys ;-). ;-). 😉 lol

    Or are you just teasing me ?, that’s just cruel !

    (is it July 4th yet ?)

  7. You don’t have to give me anything I love your show it helps me to know what tools to buy .I hate when I get a tool and it doesn’t work good I been building for 17yrs and I wish you where around when I started I would have saved so much money thanks for the good advice

  8. Wow that will be super cool for whoever wins! Good luck to everyone. Keep up the good work. You guys are hilarious!!

  9. Every time I tune into u guys I get more excited. The prizes just get bigger and bigger. I’m drooling over the tools. Cannot wait to see what’s next.

  10. Gotta alot of cool stuff going in that GIVAWAY. I WOULD BE HAPPY JUST TO GET THAT VITO TOOLBAG….AWESOME BAG…..

  11. One of my contractors has this and left it with me for the day.. man I loved this thing. I couldn’t find enough stuff to nail with it.. its not real heavy and very heavy duty.. feels like it could take a good 8 foot drop and b just fine.. also has plenty of power.. it drove every nail just fine.. shoots alot of nails on only 1 charge. . Totally blew away my expectations of a battery framing nailer.. it would put up a great fight aginst any air nailer thats for sure.. its still a little exspensive though, but definitely worth the money. A must have for any remodeling job.. love your youtube
    videos.. u guys rock!

  12. thanks guys for the giveaway because I am not allowed to buy any tools with out a devorce. This looks like the answer.


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