Ingersoll Rand R3150 1/2-Inch Cordless 20V Ratchet


Ratchets are a mainstay of the automotive mechanic.  They are used on all sorts of applications, usually on rusted hard to loosen bolts.  For years mechanics have been tied to an air compressor with their pneumatic ratchets.  Ingersoll Rand is known for quality pneumatic tools and as an industry leader.  IR has taken their knowledge of ratchets and mated it with a 18/20V power source.  The result is a quality professional automotive tool that will last.

First thing you notice when you pick up the 4.4lb tool is the stellar ergonomics, balance and quality.  The tool really has a good design to it and is slim enough to fit in tight areas.  The battery layout aids in gripping the tool for maximum leverage.  Once the bolt is broken free the 54 ft.lbs of torque will rotate the nut off with ease.  I really like the idea of not having an air hose limit my movement and the ability to take the tool to the job.  An air compressor really limits you.

The variable speed trigger produces 0-225 rpm to allow for precise tightening.  The tool survived falls and even being run over with not even a scratch.  The kit comes with a case that you easily turn into a tray by removing the the top door.  The 1 hour charger has a USB charge port on it.  I really like the USB port, it gives you the ability to charge your phone or tablet right on your tool box.  The tool comes with a 1.5 Ah battery and is compatible with the IR 3.0 Ah battery also.


Overall I think this the best 1/2″ cordless ratchet on the market today.  My only complaint is the lack of an LED light.  Mechanics really liked the tool and the freedom from air.   A 3 year warranty covers this tool from any manufacturing defects.  The ratchet comes in a bare tool IR 3150, a one battery kit IR3150-K1 and a 2 battery IR3150-K2.  Battery life was good depending on the application.  The battery charges in under an hour.


  1. Great write up..incredible tool… Ir has been my air brand of choice for the last 5 years guns and ratchet s are still kicking ass…great write up Dan

  2. These new IR ratchets and impact wrenches really make you wonder if they days of compressed air tools have had their day on the shop floor. I think for most basic car repairs you can meet or exceed the performance of air tools now. I really like the USB power plug that IR included on their charger makes it nice to charge up phones or tables if you need to.

  3. Torque should read 54 inch-lbs, not 54 in-lbs. Looks like a nice tool, but not sure it’s designed to be used as a breaker bar.

  4. What to do what to do….. That is the question. I’m looking at this ratchet or the Mac tool 12v power by DeWalt technology. My brother in-law is an auto mechanic & Mac tool guy. He has his compressors at his garage, but they are cumbersome to carry with all the time. My plan is to give him this tool so he can teach me more stuff. I need to bribe him or at least have more patience with me & all my question. Intense guy.

    Which one should I get? He is a Mac guy, the Ingersoll Rand looks bad a$$. Help anyone! Lagers TIA


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