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We would like to welcome Tytan Professional to the Tools in Action family.  If you are a professional, I am sure you have either heard of Tytan or have used them.  For those who haven’t, Tytan is a company who makes adhesives and other products for the construction field.  They are known for making premium adhesives that have superior holding power.  We had a chance to look at a couple of their adhesive products.  Let me just tell you ahead of time that this stuff does exactly what they claim, it holds stuff in place.  It’s not like some of the other adhesive products on the market that claim to have holding power only to fail you down the road.

We had a chance to look at their Subfloor, landscape, drywall and pro gun.  Dan had a couple of landscape bricks that were loose around his fire pit.  We cleaned up the area, applied a little of the outdoor landscape adhesive and put the brick back into place.  After about 15 minutes, the brick was pretty tight.  It takes about 48 hours to fully cure.  When you spray the liquid out, it’s more of a foam, than a paste.  Which means it really can get into all the small cracks and provide more coverage.  Why is this important?  In the Chicago area we are exposed to different climates which means high temperatures, low temperatures, thawing and freezing.  Water will get into spots and when it freezes, it can pop bricks out of place.  With the foam solution and how it gets into tight spots, it prevents water from entering and helps prevent these pops.

The gun applicator is a nice touch also for subfloors and studs.  Instead of trying to use a caulk gun and squeeze an adhesive into place, you can now just attach the product to the gun and just squeeze one time for a long run instead of 20 times for a long run.  Another positive to using this type of product is the cost savings.  A lot of their products take the place of buying multiple cans.  As an example one can of the Subfloor adhesive is said to take the place of 12 28oz cartridges.

Now I know this probably sounds like a sale pitch article, but writing about adhesives is a little hard to do.  This is just one of those products you have to try and experience for yourself.  My goal here is really to introduce you to Tytan and tell you a little bit about them. Tytan is owned by Selena who has been around and has the experience.  Let us know if you have used this product and what you think below in our comment section.


  1. haha “writing about adhesives is a little hard to do.” Good point. Have not heard of Tytan or the spray foam like adhesive like you describe. Very different concept than your average Liquid Nails it sounds. Keep these articles comong!

  2. I’ve used the drywall glue this stuff is pretty good. Buddy of mine got it to use on a job we were doing, not easy to find though.

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