Milwaukee Trueview M18 LED Flood Light 2360-20


In regards to power tool manufacturers, Milwaukee is king of lights.  They have been hitting the light market hard over the last couple of years and have made a huge jump in the lighting industry with their trueview line of products.  Now with the new M18 Flood Light, they can add one more product number to their line.

If you’re looking for portable lighting solutions, this is a great alternative to the traditional Halogen lights.  As you know Halogen lights break easily and they produce a lot of light. With the Milwaukee 2360 Flood Light, you don’t have to worry about heat build up or lights breaking.  One reason is this light uses an LED light bulb.  Another plus to this lighting system is their Trueview.  If you’re not familiar with Trueview, this really means that the light produces a true color light.  That way an orange wire doesn’t look like a red wire and vice versa, you get the true color.  I know what you are thinking, the 500 Watt lights produce a great amount of light to light up your work area.  Sure I can’t argue with that, but this light is said to produce 20% brighter light than the traditional Halogen bulb.  The light provides 3,000 lumens in high, 1,500 on med and 650 on low.

Still looking for another reason to toss out your old Flood lights?  How about the power option of this light.  Let’s face it, not everyone owns a Milwaukee battery.  While this light can be powered off your current M18 battery, you can also power this light using an extension cord.  On the side of the light, there is a recessed power inlet that is compatible with your three prong extension cord.  If you decide to power it with your battery, you will get a pretty decent run time.  If you are using the M18 5Ah battery, you will get 9 hours of run time on low, 4 hours on Med and 2 hours on high.  Yes, I would like to see the run time increase, but being able to use an extension cord is huge.

The light seems to produce a nice pattern, not sure if that’s because of the LED lights or the reflector, but my guess is probably a combination of both items.  The head rotates 240 degrees and there are also 3 keyholes on the base for hanging options.

If you have any experience with their current line of lighting solutions, then you know these are quality lights.  Made to last for the harsh environments of the job site, these are a great buy.  With a 5 year warranty, how can you really go wrong?


  1. I love my Milwaukee led light, and this one looks like a good light for a contractor/diy’er that’s painting or plastering walls, and needs a real color to see. The trueview will deliver.

  2. I have a bunch of their lighting products . The floor mounted monster is very cool , I usually put mine on low , and bounce light off the ceiling . I like their lanterns lots . The only members of the family I don’t have is the tripod light , and the hand held Spot . I can see the M12 spot being a great attic inspection tool .


  3. Gentlemen, many LED lights do not use reflectors. Instead an optic lens is used over each LED or a lens over all LED’s. Some do use reflectors but the better lighting seems to be the ones that use the optic lens.

  4. Kevin is right and I noticed the optic lense on a new yard/pole light I put up recently. Our electric supply house just got new 65 watt led pole lights in and its got a big optic lense over the led, about 4″ diameter!
    Good on Milwaukee to make this plug in too


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