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Not sure how we got started on this Amazon buying binge, but I am sure it was Dan’s idea.  Oh well, at least I get a couple cool things.  Tools in Action Amazon buys or Two for Tuesday Amazon Buys is something we just want to share with you.  These are things we find on Amazon for under $25.  Our goal is to find a couple items that would be useful, funny or interesting on Amazon and they have to cost under $25.  We also look for something that has a high user rating.  Let’s face it, we can all find things under $25, but is it really a good value?  At least with the ratings being high, there are other people who have used the products.  Also, let us know what you want us to buy on Amazon and show off, leave a comment below.  So here are two products I found on Amazon.

Tech Armor Premium Apple Certified Lightning Cable – 6 Feet

Braided Lightening CordPrice – $14.95 – This price fluctuates and you can probably wait and get it cheaper.

Rating – 809 Reviews – 4.5 Stars

Check it out on Amazon

I have an iPhone and iPad.  I am not sure how many lightning cables I have been through.  If you’re familiar with Apple, you know they charge a premium just because they can.  No wonder they have the most cash available out of any company on the planet.  Believe it or not, even on the Apple site, their cables have a rating of 1.5 out of 5 stars.  Do employees actually read this feedback?  My guess is they don’t.  So I had enough of buying the Apple brand and decided to try something new, the Tech Armor Cable.  The cable is braided, so I thought it might be a little more durable.  It’s six feet long, so I can plug it into my outlet and have it still reach my table.  So far the quality seems much better than the Apple brand.  See it on Amazon.


RAVPower Element 10400mAh Portable Charger

RavpowerPrice – $19.99 –

Rating – 3,964 Reviews – 4.5 Stars

Check it out on Amazon

My phone and iPad are pretty old, so the batteries don’t last very long.  I wanted something compact and easy to carry around.  So I saw the price and the reviews and decided to go with this one.  For some reason I got black, but now I see they are white.  While it provides ample power, it is a little heavy.  Not too bad considering it will charge my phone or iPad a bunch of times.  It has two USB plugs, 1 Ah plug and an ismart charger for larger items like the iPad.  Again for the price and the rating, it was worth a shot.  So far it has been great having the portable power.  See it on Amazon

We always want to hear your thoughts, do you like these items we find or not.  Do you have items you want us to buy and show off, let us know below.


  1. One of the biggest disappointments of the Apple system is their cords – cord length, durability, etc… Thanks for the idea on a solid substitute!

  2. Will the Tech Armor Cables fit an iPhone with a life proof case? i know many of the non apple brand cables do not fit because they are too big.


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