The Winner of the Skylink Is


As people are becoming dumber and dumber, the opposite is happening in our homes. We are getting bombarded by a bunch of ways to make our home smarter and smarter so we can sit on our couches getting fatter and fatter.  We can adjust the temperature in our homes from half way around the world, we can sit in our recliner and change the color of our lights and we can see who is at our door while we are sitting on the crapper.  Where does it stop?  Well, it won’t stop but we will keep seeing a whole bunch of companies enter the market with their new products to make our life easier.  With all these companies, it’s hard to find one to trust and one that has their act together to make quality products that just work.  Lucky for us, we found Skylink.

Skylink offers a ton of different products to make your home smarter than ever before.  Not only do they offer a bunch of these products, they offer quality products that work.  They are easy to use and easy to set up.  In fact, they have a great app for your phone or tablet to help make your life easier.  So with that said we thought we would give two of their products away to one lucky winner.

The winner gets the following two items:

It’s always hard to pick a winner because the Crew is awesome and there is so much input and feedback on all the different platforms.  So for this giveaway we are taking someone from the Tools in Action comment section as we haven’t given away something to a commenter in a while.  So the winner is 77Ford who left a comment on Tools in Action.  In order to claim this prize, you must send us an email to social @ using the email you input in your comment.  Send us an email with your full name, full address and in the subject line, put Skylink.  Congratulations.



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