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The great thing about the internet is that we get to find tons of cool tools that you normally wouldn’t find in a store.  When I first came across the ToolChanger I was a bit perplexed as to its function.  It is like a tool box with no doors and is as roomy inside as a 70’s American car.  After speaking with manufacture it dawned on me, the box is designed for fast access to your tools.  It allows you to do an instant inventory if something is missing.  Why would you need this?  Line workers, pit mechanics, jet mechanics, the list goes on.  Basically anyone doing repetitive work, this will save time and time is money.

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To me the ToolChanger is one of the coolest tool boxes I have ever seen, especially when it is full of tools.  What better way to show off and display your expensive hand tools than in a beautiful shiny aluminum case.  The quality of the ToolChanger is top notch, there was not one imperfection on it.  The aluminum CNC work on this box is like something out of NASA, it is just perfect.  Enough about the looks and quality, let’s talk about function.  On the bottom wrenches and sockets simply slide into their marked spot.  You can hold up to 3 of the same size wrenches and up to 4 sockets depending on the size in each labeled area.  It even held my Gear Wrench X-Beam wrenches.  The tools stay in place for when you transport the Tool Changer on the top of a wheeled tool box.

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The box is laid out to hold sizes 9mm-24mm Metric and 1/4″ to  1″ SAE.  Every wrench and socket is laid out so you can see it and grab it without moving anything out of the way.  The top half of the box has a series of different sized holes to hold ratchets and screwdrivers.  The holes each have a rubber ring for padding, this protects the tool and helps prevent it from sliding out when transporting the box.  The hole rails can be removed to create a custom configuration if need be. Above the holes is a shelf with dividers for odd tools such as pliers, I would like to have seen this a bit bigger to hold my power tools.  Like I said earlier the quality and construction of this box is top notch.

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The ToolChanger saves time, instead of going and looking though a drawer for a wrench.  The ToolChanger displays 3 of them right there and if there is only 2, you know one is missing!  Best of all they are made right here in the U.S.A. Check out




  1. certainly a pretty shiny tool i will never need… but cool nonetheless! thanks for informing us of yet another thing to put on the wish list 🙂


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