Dorcy 41-0435 Metal Gear XL-M Extreme 618 Lumen LED Flashlight – Review


Guys love lights, especially bright LED lights.  Usually when we review a kit LED light it throws out about 100-150 Lumens and that impresses us.  The Dorcy 41-0435 puts out an insane 618 Lumens.  It is like harnessing the power of the sun, ok well not that powerful.  It will instantly blind you if you shine it in your eyes, this makes it awesome for a personal safety device or just about any application where you need a massive amount of light.

Lets start with the basic construction of the light.  It is made from aluminum and water resistant with an Ip rating of IPX-4.  It has a nice grip and overall has a quality feel to it except for the sound of the 6 batteries rattling around. The rubber button has 3 settings, off, high and low.  For when you are working in extreme conditions the button is easy to operate with gloves on.  The overall design prevents the light from rolling, which is good when you lay it on an angled surface.


6 AA batteries power this light and they give you up to 5 hours 45min on high and up to 25 hours on low (173 Lumens).  Those are respectable runtimes considering the massive light output of this light.  It is all thanks to the use of a Cree XM-L LED.  I have spoke previously about CREE LEDs and have never had one fail on me.  Surprisingly the light does not produce a lot of heat which means it is is efficient.  Dorcy has optimized the reflector to give the beam a distance of up to 1100 feet.  You can see in the pictures how bright the light is.  The Metal Gear XL-M can hold its own even with premium tactical lights.  Best of all it uses AA batteries, other lights in the same class use expensive CR123A lithium batteries.  It weighs in at 12.5 ounces with the batteries.  The light is around $95. Check out the Dorcy LED Flashlight.



  1. that is insane…. my dad used to always play the game where he would shine the flashlight in my eyes and i would have to turn away…. well… i have a feeling that would really not be a good idea with this flashlight haha

  2. Tom is a good neighbor, but do you have any female neighbor’s that want to come over
    and help out. I love bright flash lights I have probably 50 or so guess I will have
    to get this one too.

  3. i like flashlights but after i got my hexbright i’ll never need to own another flashlight. i got a pair of the dorcy lights once but they don’t last. the buttons feel cheap and the leds are never centered.

  4. You guys are crazy, I have a few professional flashlights and I’ll tell you from first hand experience to drop them from a three foot hieght will usually do them in. I have not seen a flashlight yet that could be dropped from a five foot hieght and be banged around like this flashlight. You’s really put it thru the shock test. Just wonder if you’s have tried the water proof test on this unbelevable shock proof flashlight?

  5. I am really happy you guys reviewed this because I have never heard of the dorcy brand some how and their flash lights have now become my favorite. Thanks for the review!


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