The Milwaukee SAWZALL – History


In my opinion Milwaukee makes the best reciprocating saws and blades on the market.  They invented the technology, here is a short interesting video on the matter:


On another interesting note, we came across this crazy new Top Secret Prototype test.  Another surprise in the video is that  Eric’s twin brother Cecil from Alabama is demonstrating the tool for us and in pure TIA style is using full safety gear.  The resemblance is uncanny!



  1. I use a Milwaukee 15 amp Sawzall on my landscaping jobs, along with Milwaukees Ax blades. People suggested I get an electric chainsaw.
    NO WAY! The electric chainsaw lets you down with constant chain adjustments, and messy oiling. Sawzalls are ALWAYS ready to go!
    Just change a blade if you need

  2. I guess you haven’t used the Makita JR3070CT hands down the best 15amp recip saw on the market. Beats the pants off of the rest. A lot of articles on it, as well.


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