Bosch Blue Granite Turbo Bits


How many times have you drilled into concrete only to find out your bit is dull?  Then you think to yourself, didn’t I just buy this bit?  As you know drilling into masonry takes a huge toll on your bits.  Bosch decided to put an end to this problem and design a new bit called the Blue Granite Turbo.

What makes this bit so special?  First, it is a multiple purpose bit.  This is specifically design for all masonry, including granite, concrete, brick and more.  The bit is also designed for your rotary or hammer drill, so you can use it with multiple tools.  Bosch offers this bit all the way up to lengths of 10″.  Okay maybe nothing really special so far, but here is where it gets pretty cool.

The bits are Milled u-flutes with a deep cut spiral for fast dust removal.  This means less heat build up and a longer lasting bit.  Bosch also implemented a robust head which increases the life of the bit during impact applications.  I am sure you have tried to drill into a hard surface before, what happens?  Right, you get walk with the bit.  Bosch uses a diamond ground carbide tip which helps prevent this walking and makes it easier to start a hole.  One cool feature is the PowerGrip shank.  As you can see by the picture below, there are small fins on the shank which allows the chuck to better grip the bit.






  1. Can’t wait to get a hold of these! Who needs to shop around when you post specs and reviews like this. thanks


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