Targus City Gear Bag


You may be wondering why we are doing a review of a backpack.  Well two reasons.  We are expanding our reviews and articles to more than just tools, we want to talk about useful items you can use.  The other reason was I was visiting a friend on a local job site and had my pack on me.  I was dropping off some papers and had them in my pack.  I opened it up and gave it to him.  A couple minutes later he was asking me for a knife to cut open some packages, again I reached in and grabbed my knife.  After talking with him a while I realized my phone was dying, so I took my charger out and plugged my phone in since I knew I would be there a while.  That’s when he said to me, “what don’t you have in the pack.”  I laughed and didn’t think twice about it.  He called me a week later to say he went out the next day to buy this and loved it.  In fact his boss went out and bought one.  Who knew I had style and clout to influence people.  That’s when I though you guys might be interest in this pack, so why not tell you about it.

I have had my pack for about two months and love it.  I can carry just about everything in it.  I bought this from my local Best Buy store.  After about two weeks, I noticed a rip in the bag.  Not sure if it was there and I missed it or just some abuse with all the heavy stuff I carry around caused it to rip.  Anyways I called Targus and they were awesome.  I had an English speaking person on the phone in about 2 minutes.  I talked with him and said they would have a new one to me in 2-4 weeks, I did have to send my other one back.  I couldn’t live without my back that long, so I ended up returning it back to the store.  Since then I have not had a problem and now have even more stuff in the backpack.  So my guess is the bag was ripped when I bought it, but just overlooked it.

This bag is awesome, I love it and couldn’t live with out.  There is more then enough room to store everything, well not your power tools.  Everything is well organized and easy to find and store.  The bag is made out of Nylon and the zippers all have large zippers which are easy to zip and unzip, which is crucial for me.  The straps are nice and provide great padding for your shoulders.

The bag has lots of compartments, so lets start with the back compartment.  In the back you can store up to a 16″ laptop which is fully padded.  There is also a section to store a binder or other paperwork.  In the next large zippered pocket, you have another section that is separated for paperwork with a divider to keep them separated.  The third zippered area is my favorite.  I can keep my business cards, actually there are two areas. Right below I can keep three pens.  On each side of that there are two pockets for more storage.  On the front of that, still in the same zipper area there are two more separate pockets to keep even more stuff.  I have my laptop power cord, iPhone charge and small extension cord.

Moving to the next area with the compression straps, you can put anything you want because you can easily access this without having to unzip the zipper.  Great for a light weight jacket or something else.   There is also another zipper area in that compartment.  In the next area which is on front of the backpack, there is another zipper pocket that has a key ring and a dedicated mesh MP3 pocket with a headphone out port.  So you can have the zipper closed, but have your headphones still coming out.  I don’t use it for that as I have other stuff stored in there. A front slip pocket positioned on top of the zippered compartment provides a convenient place to store and access small items.

On one side of the pack, you can store a water bottle or better yet, a beer and you have easy access to it.  On the other side is another small pocket with a mess front space.  On the top of the bag is a nice rubberized grip if you would rather carry the bag or make a quick move.  The bag also comes with a money pack to store money and credit cards which you can carry around without the bag.  Unfortunately there was no money included.

I normally don’t get excited about these kind of things, but I do have to say I love this pack and would recommend it to anyone looking to carry a bunch of stuff and store everything neatly.  Everything is very easy to access and the bag is certainly quality.  I did pay $70 for this pack, but worth every penny.



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