2011 GIE Expo Coverage – Utility Vehicles


What the heck is GIE you ask?  GIE is Green Industry & Equipment Expo, it is a mecca for good ole boys.  I can honesty say I have never seen so many pick up trucks in one parking lot ever!  If you are in the landscaping/hardscape field this is the place for you.  It was held at the huge Kentucky Expo Center in Lousiville, KY and had a huge outdoor playground with everything from chain saws to skid steers.  Since we have the Kawasaki Mule 610 XC  project going on, let’s start with all the UTV’s that were there.


JCB was on hand with their new WORKMAX  800D AKA Groundhog in the UK.  It is diesel powered 4×4 UTV that is built for work.  The motor is made by Yanmar,  has a top speed of 25 mph and can haul up to 1323 lbs of cargo in its steel bed.  This is one of my favorite UTV’s for the job site.  Check out JCB for more info

John Deere showed off their new XUV 550 in both 2 and 4 seat models.  Both are v-twin gas powered and have a top speed of 28mph, can fit in the back of a pick up truck and hold 400lbs of cargo. They are available in Camo or John Deere green and yellow. Check out John Deere

Bad Boy Utility Vehicles had some cool UTV’s on display including an electric UTV that does 25 mph, holds 500lbs in the bed and has a range of 50 miles, depending on the terrain.  They have 2 gas models available including one that does up to 50 mph.  Check out Bad Boy UTV’s

Cub Cadet was showing off their Volunteer UTV which had a cool Hurst shifter.  They come in 2 engine sizes from Kohler and have an industry leading 2 year warranty.  Check out Cub Cadet


The Gravely Treker is powered by a Subaru motor, does 25 mph, comes in red or camo.  For more visit Gravely

Bobcat and its 3400 was nicely displayed.  It does 30 mph and comes in both gas and diesel models. Checkout Bobcat

Massimo was there with a mini RZR clone and its Rhino looking UTV’s check out Massimo

There were also some UTV’s with plows at the show, including Blizzard plows and Boss plows.






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