Tac-Force Knife $10 and under


Need a cheap knife that feel like quality, the Tac Force maybe a good option.  Now we aren’t saying these will take abuse or hold an edge for the years to come.  But for $10, there aren’t to bad.  We have bought 7 different ones over the last month.  As a note one was broken on arrival, but good thing Amazon backs up there stuff and it was easy to return.

We found these when we were just searching around amazon and saw all the positive feedback on these knives.  In fact they are one of the highest rated knives on Amazon.  Again don’t expect it to feel like a $50 knife.  However I would say a couple of these knives seem better than some of the $20 knives I have seen around.


buyamazon1Tac Force Knife




  1. Guys, really? It seems like you over paid. LOL! It would be hard for me to pull the trigger on these types of knives. I can’t say that I haven’t fallen for these types of beater knives in the past & probably will again. The good thing is, if you lose it you won’t be to mad.

    Question. Have you heard of Cutlery Corner (.net)? It’s a cutlery infomercial that comes out most of the day on DiercTV during weekends, which sells knives. When I saw these knives it reminded me of this show. They sell all kinds of knives dirt cheap knives. I do sit hours looking at these knives & can’t believe how can they sell some sets for nothing. They have sets of 100 knives for $100 with flex pay or something.

    I recall during Christmas time Lowes had knives sets of 50 folders for $30, then a few weeks later I see them at clearance for $10. What quality can these be? Just throw your money out the window. Can they be any good?

    Dang! I forgot what my point was… Maybe it was pay a little more on a good knife that will last you. Or maybe be aware of what you paid & you won’t be to disappointed if these fail. LOL!! Laters TIA

  2. Eric I thought u were a knife guy…lol…jk.. but yea check ebay, I think more to choose from and around the price range ur looking for… I bought a browning black lable tanto folder for my edc and I’ve had if for about 3yrs and carry it every day and still like new for 20$ on ebay… I love knifes too and also don’t want to spend an arm and leg for one ither…

    • Sweet thanks for the info. If that browning is your EDC and it has lasted for 3 years and only cost $20, that sounds like a steal. I am going to pick one up.

      • Gotta pic on the forum, love the knife… its more of a off work purpose knife, more than I expected out of it….


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