Bosch 12V Drill-Driver Review PS32-02


Milwaukee isn’t the only one who can come out with a jamming 12V.  If you like the feel and style of the Milwaukee, you will be sure to love the feel and balance of this Bosch.  Lightweight, powerful and two speeds.  The drill has an LED on the side and an adjustable clutch.  The biggest plus to this tool is the feel and weight.  I love how my hand wraps around the grip and how it feels in my hand.

Power and run time is about what you would expect from a 12V.  One thing that would be nice is a hard case, but again I am not buying a drill for the case.  I am buying it for power, performance and comfort, all of which this Bosch has.


Specifications: PS32-02 12V Max EC Brushless Lithium Ion 3/8” Drill/Driver

Battery 12V Lithium-ion Battery
Battery Chemistry Lithium Ion
Battery Voltage 12
Battery/Charger Included
Case Type Canvas Bag
Certifications CSA
Charger BC330
Chuck Capacity 3/8″ Keyless Chuck
Chuck Size Single Sleeve 3/8″ Chuck
Clutch Settings 20+1
Height 7″
Length 6.5″
No Load RPM 0-400 / 0-1,300
Rating 12V Max
Speed Variable Two Speed
Torque (in. lbs.) 180 in/lbs
Weight 2 lb
Weight (lbs.) 2

buyamazon1Bosch PS32-02 12-volt Max Brushless 3/8-Inch Drill/Driver




  1. I like the power the Milwaukee M12 Fuel has, but the size of the Bosch 12v tools is really amazing they are just so small compared to the Fuel.

  2. Eric you should label all those tool boxes on the upper shelf that way you will know at a
    glance what is in each box. In a couple more years you will have C.R.S. (can’t remember shit) and you will have to have Dan take the box down for you to look inside.

  3. Gotta hand it to bosch for making the lightest and shortest length 12v drill out there and still with lots of power.

  4. Those are some nice looking drills, and they look to preform pretty well. Bosh has been coming out with some nice tools lately. Also It looks like the bosh battery is the same as the m12? Do you know if they are interchangeable?

  5. Nice!! I wish Menards or Lowes did not take their sweet time getting these new updated tools. It looks like Bosch is stepping up their game & creating some new innovations with their brushless technology. I may have to sell one of my 12v lines and check some of these out. There is a Bosch retailer in Sherrillville IN that I will visit to see if they have the new lineup. Hopefully I’ll get a chance to test them out before deciding to buy. Laters TIA

  6. I own the bosch 12v (drill, driver, saw)set and they are amazing. However……….. They don’t have a belt clip.
    I want to sell my bosch set and buy a Milwaukee set simply because they have a belt clip. Also the Milwaukee 12v line as a whole is AWESOME.

    Here’s my suggestions. Bosch, stop selling the stupid drill/driver combo. It’s stupid. I only want the drill and a separate driver. One for drilling and one for torque.
    Milwaukee, seriously do better marketing. I had no idea that the FUEL line was all brushless. If I would have know that I would have bough your 12+18V line a long time ago. Also you need to market that the 18v chargers work on either battery. That’s one thing I hate. I have a charger at home, in my truck, and at work. If I would have know the 18v charger would work on either… I would already own Milwaukee tools.

  7. Hi guys. Loved the repartee in your video. One question: Your review says the torque is 180 inch piunds but the spec sheet says 265. Can you please confirm latter is correct?


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