Snow Joe Snow Blower

Electric snow blower

If you would have asked me a year ago if I would use a battery powered lawnmower, I would have said “heck no”.  Then I tried the Ego and my mind was changed.  Ask me two months ago if I would ever use a battery powered snow blower and I still would answer “No”.  However after using the Snow Joe, my mind was changed once again.  Now to be honest when I first heard about the Snow Joe, I can’t saw I was really excited.  For me it was a battery powered snow blower from a company I had never heard of.  So really what was there to be excited about?  Well after using this, I changed my mind rather quickly.  A couple of weeks ago we had 19″ of snow and I had a chance to put this to use.  Now I am not saying I did all 19″ at once, but I can tell you this thing saved my back.  I ended up going out three or four times to blow the snow and it worked great.  It did so good, I even ended up cleaning off my neighbors walks and driveway.

Now don’t expect this to work for those huge driveways with one charge, but for most residential walks and driveways, this thing works awesome.  The handle is comfortable and the unit is easy to move around and push through snow.  There is a handle in front which makes it easy if you need to carry it.  The two things I like best about this unit besides the power, is the rubber paddle and the foldable handle.


  1. I sure could have used this thing last week we don’t ever get much snow here in KY anymore but we got the most we have in years last week

  2. I haven’t use a blower in years because I hate how I smell afterwards. I will even stop shoveling if another family member comes out and starts it up. I always wanted to go this route, but needed a review to push me into it. Hopefully I can find it on sale / clearance towards the end of the season.

  3. Eric how did the blower hold up with the big snow falls we had in early Feb in Chicago? I would like to get something like this for my sidewalks. Laters TIA


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