DeWALT DCF620 20V Max Drywall Screw Gun – Sneak Peak


We got chance to take a look at the upcoming DCF620 Screwgun from DeWALT.  Bosch also showed us their similar SGH182 screw gun at the World of Concrete. The DeWALT kit will come with two 2.0 Ah batteries, a charger and a kit bag.  The tool produces up to 4,400 rpm and can be locked on like its corded counterparts.

Brushless technology will give you more run-time; up to 750 screws in wood and 1,100 in light-gauge steel.  The tool has the same ergonomic 20V max grip that we have all come to love.  You can adjust the screw depth and the nose is removable to allow for easy bit changes.  They will also have a collated magazine attachment DCF6201 for faster production.  The tool and the magazine will be available sometime in March 2015.  Stay tuned for more details as we get them.




  1. The virtual reality hand gun training looks awsome, i to have a carry permit . Please give more information if possible. What other states offer this type of training ie florida for example.

  2. Does anyone know if these new auto-feed attachments from Bosch and Dewalt would work on a Makita screwgun? I have a relatively new Makita but they don’t sell an auto-feed attachment. I’m just not very familiar with screwguns and while they all look like they operate similarly, I don’t know how universal the nose pieces are.

    I would have never purchased the Makita had I known that Bosch and Dewalt were releasing this amazing attachment. Such a cool idea!

  3. Makita gun outperforms the Dewalt and it has a cool feature to allow the trigger to be on but the tool doesn’t run until you push the screw into the drywall, meaning even longer battery life.

  4. This is cool, use it with the feeder or without. I still the corded version & still kicking like a champ after over 5 years of service. Laters TIA

  5. This is a cool tool, i want them to have a combo kit available with the screw gun, 2 2.0 amp/h batteries, the cut out tool, charger, in the smaller tough box case, and if they also had the collated attachment in there as well it would be really cool!


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