Snap-On 5314 Folding Multi function knife


As you can see, today is our day of Snap-on knife posts.  Well this one is no different.  I am not huge into multitools like Dan is, but I can appreciate the usefulness of them.  Snap-On does have a pretty cool multitool that comes in a nice black nylon case that also has a belt loop.



In the picture its hard to tell, but the knife is a little bulkier than other multitools we have testing in the past.  The overall thickness of the knife is 3/4″ and its 4″ long, so not too bad overall.  The knife weights 7.2 oz.  Inside the tool there is a knife, pliers and a philips screw driver.  The pliers are very cool and when they are open, the have a nice grip and feel to them.  The pliers have two gripping areas, tight and curve jaw, plus they have a wire cutter.  The knife can be opened with one hand and has a partially serrated knife.  Overall length of the knife is 3-3/4″, so a pretty good cutting area.

Opposite side of the knife is a Philips screw drive, a #2.  One thing we noticed was the screw driver doesn’t lock into place.  Some people like this option, some don’t.



The Snap-on knife is a great tool to have for almost any situation.  If your familiar with Snap-on tools and you like their other hand tools, this won’t disappoint you.  The one handed opening of the knife is great.  The pliers are also very comfortable.  The only two downsides are we wish the Philips screw driver would lock into place.  Why we know some like this option, we would rather have it lock.  The only other down side is we noticed when we put the tool back into the pouch, the thumb rod to open the knife sometimes makes it hard to put back into the pouch.  Neither of these are a break the deal type of cons, but we did want to note them.  Overall its a great multitool to have around.



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