Snap-On 5230 Folding Work Knife


I don’t know why, but I love knives.  Every time I get a knife, its like Christmas time for me.  While I do fish, I don’t hunt, so I am not using knives all the time.  When I do need a knife, there nothing like having a quality knife to do the job.  Which brings us to the Snap-on 5230 folding knife.


You can buy this Knife separately or in the combo pack 5400 which includes the knife sharpener.  The 4″ handle is made from Anondized Aluminum which makes this knife very lightweight, but also durable.  A user can open the knife very easily with one hand.  When the knife is open the blade is extended, the blade measures 2.25″.  So how long is the knife?  The overall length of the knife with the blade open is 6.25″.  I had to throw that in as it took Dan a couple minutes to figure out that math question.

The blade is made from a 440 Stainless Steel and has a Teflon Coating.  On the side of the knife, there is a pocket clip which obviously is meant for the side of your pocket for easy access.  The one thing we noticed about the knife, the side with the pocket clip, its not completely flat like the front of the knife.  The locking mechanism is actually part of the side of the knife.  So occasionally the pocket clip would slip into a small groove of the locking mechanism which made it hard to close the knife sometimes.  Not that its a big deal, but at first we couldn’t figure out why the knife was so hard to close.  After the two Einstein’s figured this out, we adjusted the pocket clip and the knife closed very smoothly.  Another thing to note is on the side of the knife, there is an 800 number incase you, for some reason, need help.





Overall this is a great quality knife.  The knife is very easy to open and operate with one hand.  If your looking for a small, lightweight folding knife, the Snap-on 5230 is a winner.



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