Snap-on 5120 Knife sharpener



If your in the automotive industry, then you are familiar with Snap-on.  Well we should say if you into any type of tools, you are probably familiar with Snap-on as they make some of the best hand tools around.  You maybe wondering why we are doing a full article on a simple knife sharpener and frankly we are wondering the same thing.  OK it sharpens knife, lets move on.  The model number for this sharpener is 5120 and its slim design makes it great for a variety of application such as in your tackle box, around the shop or on a hunting trip.

The Sharpener is a Carbide knife sharpener with twin Tungsten Carbide sharpeners.  The sharpening blades can be replaced (5121) if they become dull.  One nice feature is when you change the sharpening blades, the angles are preset at a 25 degree angle, so you don’t have to worry about any adjustments.  The body is made from an ABS plastic with a nice over molded grip on the handle.  The slim design is a nice feature as you have full control over the sharpener when sharpening your knives.  There are also two small rubber pads on the bottom of the handle, so you can lay it on a flat surface to sharpen your knives.  As a side note this sharpener also comes in the combo pack 5400 which includes the 5230 folding knife.






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