Skil Lawnmower Review

Skil Lawnmower Review

Have you jumped on the bandwagon of the battery-powered mower?  If not, don’t sweat.  It took me a while to warm up to the idea of not using gas and only relying on a battery lawnmower to cut my yard.  If you haven’t taken the leap of faith and jumped into a battery power mower, today might be the day that you remember taking battery-powered mowers seriously, so let’s jump in and take a look at the Skil Lawnmower Review.

Skil Lawnmower Review Overview

As I said, it took me a while to warm up to even trusting a battery-powered mower to cut my yard.  I grew up on gas motors for lawnmowers, string trimmers, chainsaws, and more.

So when I had the chance to make the change, I was reluctant.  However, my first experience was with Ego and I have never looked back.  I now own the whole Ego line of OPE tools because I believe in them, they perform, I don’t have to deal with gas, and let’s just say my life is so much easier.  In fact, even my wife will mow the lawn now with the Ego mower since she doesn’t have to deal with the gas motors.  The Ego performs and cuts like a gas mower hands down.

So why am I talking about Ego when we are here for the Skil?  Simple, Ego owns Skil so I am willing to bet that some of the technology that goes into Ego, also goes into Skil.  Since I have loved my Ego OPE tools and they have been reliable, I know I can trust Skil even though this mower is new to the market for them.

What is most important than anything else is the battery.  You have to have a great battery in order to have a great and reliable lawnmower or other OPE tools, which when it comes to OPE batteries, I can’t think of one company that does it better than Chervon, which owns both Ego and Skil.

Skil Lawnmower Review Features

Skil Lawnmower Review

The Skil lawnmower, model SM4910-10 harnesses a digital brushless motor that is designed for performance, longevity, and efficiency.

The Skil is powered by a 40V PWR CORE battery.  This model comes with a 5Ah battery.  There is a bunch to love about the battery but what you will notice the most is how fast the battery will charge.  The battery will charge from 0% to 30% in 30 minutes with a 5Ah battery.  However, the inside of the battery is where all the magic happens.  Skil designed this battery to stay cool and each cell is wrapped with a cooling material which not only gives it longer run time but extends the life of the battery.

The battery sits on the front of the lawnmower and is protected from the outside elements with a plastic hood.

Skil Lawnmower Review

The deck is a full ABS plastic for strength and also gives it a lightweight which is easy to use, lift and store.

Skil Lawnmower Review

The lawnmower features a 20″ single blade.

The deck is designed for easy lifting as it has a handle on the back and also an area to grab on the front of the mower.

With this mower, a user can either bag or mulch.

One nice feature is the single lever to raise and lower the deck.  With a single lever that is located on the back wheel, a user can raise or lower the whole deck at once instead of each wheel one at a time. The mower offers 7 different cutting positions.

The lawnmower is easy to start, just push a button.  It really can not be any easier.

Skil Lawnmower Review

The Skil mower has a handle that is suited for a couple of different ways to push the lawnmower.  A user can place their hands on the side of the bar or on top.

Skil Lawnmower Review

Skil did a great job with the placement of the self-propelled control system.  Just hold the lever to the handlebar and the self-propelled feature is engaged.  A user can adjust the speed with a dial right below the lever.

If storage is limited, you will be happy to know the mower is extremely easy to fold up and store away, even in an upright position.

Skil Lawnmower Review Performance

So I used this mower on my front yard and back yard which does provide two different scenarios.  My house has been under construction and I added an addition to my house.  Since they dug up the back yard and I need to finish the landscape, I haven’t really taken care of it so the grass grows rather high.

My front yard I still treat like a regular lawn where I mow it each week and really take care of it, so it more reflects what most people would go through with their mowers.

In the front yard, this was a no brainer.  The performance was great.  Easy to use, the self-propelled system works great and the cut quality is top-notch.  So no complaints about the front yard.

In the back yard, the grass was much higher, which was hard to show on pictures.  While it did perform better than I expected, the really high parts it did have a little tougher time getting through.  However, this isn’t an issue because most people don’t let their grass grow as high as I do since I don’t care about the backyard.  In fact, if someone did let their grass grow this high, they wouldn’t be on the second setting trying to cut grass as I did.  A normal person would have raised the wheels to four or five and then cut.

So the bottom line about performance, the mower did an awesome job and wouldn’t have any issues trusting that it can power through a standard yard.

I bagged and mulched.  For each task, the mower did great.  As you can see, it does an awesome job of gathering the clippings and tossing them into the bag.

Skil Lawnmower Review Price

You can grab one of these on Amazon with Free shipping for about $479.  I don’t think it’s a bad price considering you get free shipping, a battery, and a quality mower that can get the job done.

Skil Lawnmower Review Wrap Up

Overall I think Skil did a great job with this mower, which doesn’t surprise me since Chervon is behind the name and known for their quality.  I love how powerful the mower is for your standard yards, I like how light the mower is when I am having to lift it, which most people don’t have to, I like how quickly the battery charges and I love the build quality of the mower. Most of all, I love the cut quality.


  1. Thanks for the awesome review! You are very thorough and I appreciate all the detailed pics. I was tossing around several brands – Ego, Skil & Greenworks – and made my final decision based on your review. The Skil has the features I was looking for and fit my budget better than the other two, but I was just looking for a detailed review to seal the deal. Here’s hoping for many happy mows.

  2. Eric, I liked your review and information about the Ego, Skil electric mowers. I just sold my Skil battery powered cordless 20” mower I bought around 2014. It still cut and bagged well but the battery was only lasting about 20 minutes tops. I do plan on getting another Skill mower but this time I want self-propelled.


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