Skil Cross Line Laser

Skil Cross Line Laser

As a homeowner what do you use to hang pictures, curtain rods or general household projects? Do you eyeball it or use a level?  Have you ever thought about using a self-leveling line laser?  I know it may sound like big bucks to invest in one but Skil has an inexpensive unit that will work up to 50′ and is extremely accurate.  So let’s take a look at the Skil Cross line laser and see if this is something that can make your tasks around the house easier.

Skil Cross Line Laser Information

  • Name – Skil Self-Leveling Red Cross Line Laser
  • Model – LL932301
  • Price – $58
  • Where to BuyAmazon

Skil Cross Line Laser Features

Skil Cross Line Laser

The Skil laser can project a red vertical and horizontal line up to 50′ away which makes this great for a variety of applications such as molding, pictures, cabinets and more.

Skil Cross Line Laser

The laser comes with the laser, pouch, clamp and charging cable.

Skil Cross Line Laser

The tool is powered by a rechargeable battery, in which the cord is included.  There are pros and cons to this setup.  I love not having to spend money on batteries but at the same time, if I forget to charge it, I have to wait a little while to charge the unit before I can use it.

Skil Cross Line Laser

On top of the unit, you can see the battery status and a red arrow if the laser is not level.

Skil Cross Line Laser

To turn on the laser there is a slide switch to turn it on.  The only option is either off or on.  When the laser is on, then it’s auto-leveling.

Skil Cross Line Laser

On the bottom of the laser, there are pads that help protect the surface you set it on. There is also thread on the bottom and top if you want to use the laser with a tripod.

Skil Cross Line Laser

The case isn’t too bad.  I wish it was a little bigger so the unit and the charging cord fit in nicely.  Both fit in the case but it’s a little snug.

Skil Cross Line Laser Impressions

For a $60 dollar laser, I was surprised how bright the laser line is.  In the past, we have seen some laser lines around this price tag but they don’t have the brightness of this laser.

What I love about this laser is simplicity.  Just turn it on and go.  If it’s flashing, it’s not level otherwise you are good to go.

One nice feature is if the laser is out of level, the lines will flash to alert you that you need to adjust the laser level.

The included clamp is a nice feature because we all know that you don’t always have a flat surface to set the laser on.  With the clamp, you can pretty much set up any contraption to get the line wherever you need it.

Skil Cross Line Laser Wrap Up

The bottom line, for a homeowner this is a great unit.  You get the range of professional lasers but without the hefty price tag.  The laser feels like a quality laser and one that will last for years to come. For a homeowner, this is a great option to have around the house in case those applications arise and this even makes a great gift idea for a new homeowner or someone who needs a laser line.


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