Senco FinishPro 21LXP Pin Nailer


It’s no surprise that if you want to use a nailer for finish work you really only have two real options.  You can either use a 18 gauge brad nailer or a 23 gauge pin nailer.  The 23 gauge is nice because it doesn’t leave a big hole after you fire a nail.  On the downside, it doesn’t have the best holding power.  With an 18 gauge, you get the holding power, but you also get a bigger hole.  With the new Senco 21LXP Senco is trying to bridge the gap so you get the holding power of an 18 gauge, but a smaller hole like a 23 pin.  So how does it stack up?  I have to say it’s a great idea and I feel it does what they claim.  The holding power is really good, but the hole is much more like a pin nail hole.  So what about the tool?

The tool is powered by your average size compressor that you would use for your brad or pin nailer.  Overall the balance and feel are exception, but I would expect that from a tool of this size.  Some of the cool features are the rear exhaust which has an embedded muffler.  Yes, it does have a no-mar tip, but what is cool, Senco designed the two so you can also have two extra tips on board.  With this type of nailer, you can never have too many.  In regards to the nails, the magazine will automatically adjust for the size.  You release the lever, insert the nails and you’re set to go.  However if you do encounter a jam, you will need the on board tool to clear the jam.  A tool free system would have been nice.  There is also a dry lock fire so you don’t have to worry about damaging your work.

All in all it is a great nailer.  While finding 21 gauge nails at our local stores was next to impossible, you can find them online.  The nails shot through hard wood with ease and didn’t follow the grain, which would have ended up as a fish hook. The indents were small after firing and the holding power was exceptional.  So all in all, the nailer performed just as Senco advertises this tool.

What We Like

  • Small
  • Easy to use and see where you will be firing
  • Great holding power with small hole

What We Don’t Like

  • Had a hard time finding 21 gauge Nails at our local stores


Firing Mode: Sequential dual trigger safety
Reg. Operating Pressure: 70 – 120 psi (4.8 – 8.3 bar)
Air Inlet: 1/4″ NPT
Tool Weight: 2.7 lbs. (1.2 kg)
Height: 8.89″ (226 mm)
Length: 7.87″ (200 mm)
Width: 1.85″ (47 mm)
Fastener Capacity: 200





    • I use amazon or similar to order most of my nails because, especially stainless steel, the local hardware stores just dont stock what I’m looking for. Its such a hassle to custom order something from them and get it weeks later when I can just log on to amazon and click buy and have it in 2 days.

      • I find this to be a problem as well. Mainly because I always manage to run out if stuff mid project. No matter the project, I always end up at Menards at least a couple of times per day.

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