Senco Auto Feed Screwdriver Review Model DS312-18V


If I am going to be doing repetitive work, repetitive work, then I want a tool that makes this much easier. Which brings me to the Senco DS312-18V Auto Feed Screwdriver.  If you are using the same fastener over and over and over and over, this is the tool to have.  This is great for decking, decks, framing, sheathing, sub flooring, underlayment, drywall and other applications.  Personally I have used this more on underlayment than any other applications.  For me this is a great tool and a time saver.

The Senco is powered by an 18V Lithium-Ion battery and can drive up to 3″ screws, one after another, after another, after another.  Okay I will stop repeating myself, I think you get it. You may remember we did a review a while back on a 3″ screwdriver, the Senco DS275.  So you may be asking why are we redoing this review?  Well because it is a completely different tool.  Well not completely, but Senco took what was great about the DS275 and kept that.  They took the things that weren’t so good and redid them and introduced the DS312-18V.

Senco Screw Gun 06As I already stated, this uses a Lithium battery which means longer run time and less weight compared to the older NiCad battery in the older model.  The charge time is about 60 minutes.  Another huge improvement is the ability to adjust the length on a fly.  Before you needed to loosen a screw and make the adjustment.  Now you just push a button in and quickly adjust the length.  I think this is a huge improvement.  The depth adjustment also has a locking feature.  You need to push a button and then you can spin the adjustment.

Changing the bit is still the same.  It has the same button on the top which has always been easy.  One great thing about this screw gun is the ability to lock the variable speed trigger, so you can just focus on screwing and not worry about your finger getting tired. Speaking of fastening, the Senco has a motor that has 0 – 2,500 rpm and produces 90 in-lbs of torque.  The system uses the same collated strip and can fasten anything from 1-3″ screws.  So you don’t have to worry about buying different fasteners if you still have fasteners from your older model.

Picking up this newer version is much different than the older model.  This one feels much more balanced and weighs a little less.  The tool only weighs 5.1 lbs., which isn’t too bad.

So the question remains, do you upgrade?  If this is a tool you use a lot, I think the upgrade is worth it.  The fact that you get longer run times, lighter weight and the ability to change lengths without a tool is key.

Senco Autofeed Screwdriver Comes With:

  • Senco Autofeed ScrewDriver
  • Two Drive Bits
  • Drywall and wood nose piece
  • Two Batteries
  • Charger
  • Storage Bag

Senco did a great job with the redesign.  The tool is well balanced and powerful.  The idea of not having to use a tool to adjust the length means you can move from one application to another quickly.  The lithium batteries are much better than their older Ni-Cad batteries and you will see a big difference in run time.



  1. I’ve always wanted one of these for drywall work. It looks like it would make quick work of it. Capability of 3″ screws makes this tool very versatile.
    Maybe one day I will pull the trigger (get it)?

  2. Cool tool. I saw a neighbor build his pool deck with one of these tools. I want to say it was a Ryobi. It neat to see specific tools work for their specific purpose. I also think it was a regular drill as well. I can see something like this for drywallers, deck builders (maybe), fence builders, maybe a few others. I love my drills to much to cheat with this tool 🙂 The big draw back I see is clearing the jams. I’m not a very patient individual. I bet I would end up throwing it into Lake Michigan. Laters TIA

  3. I love the idea of being able to screw over and over. Again and again. In and out. Never taking a break. Wait, what am I taking about.


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