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SawStop Vs Bosch – The Battle Begins

First let me start by saying I can’t stand lawyers and bureaucrats.  They hamper progress and drain the economy dry.  Sawstop is famous for a saw blade mechanism that abruptly stops when it detects human flesh.  It is a great idea and I would love to have one.  However, they are insanely priced.  The tool manufacturers couldn’t justify the extra cost to add these to their products.  So the inventor being the super lawyer that he is decided to lobby the government.  He wanted to make his product mandatory on every saw sold. This would dramatically increase table saw prices to astronomical levels.  Contractors are already trying to cut costs and this would hurt them.

Bosch recently showed off their new saw blade safety technology called react.  It is a lot better than the Sawstop because you don’t have to replace an $80 part and blade every time it is triggered. Swats engages the blade and the react pushes it away.  It also does not damage the blade and you can be back working in minutes.  Now I am no patent lawyer and I have no clue if Sawstop has a case here.  What I do know is that Bosch has over 4800 patents and a fleet of attorneys to battle it out.  The end of the Sawstop saga could soon be near!  Check out the videos below.



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