Ryobi Brush Cutter Review

Ryobi Brush Cutter Review

Here is the thing about Texas, we have snakes, like a lot of them. Add in woods and you are in snake heaven. Now, that’s all fine and well but with little ones running around its important to keep the brush growth back in play areas to prevent the dreaded Copperhead from finding the perfect spot to nest. Since buying this property, we have used a lot of different equipment to tackle the brush. But what about areas where you don’t want to drag the big guns to? When I saw Ryobi made a brush cutter that was meant for trimming vs larger removal, I was intrigued. If I have roped your curiosity in, keep reading on in the Ryobi Brush Cutter Review.

Ryobi Brush Cutter Review Overview

Ryobi remains a really great brand for homeowners to look at for their price point and an expansive lineup of tools. They aren’t really the first brand I think of when it comes to OPE though, so I had no idea what to expect. Brands like Toro and Echo make similar style brush cutters, but unless you’re a professional, their price point is hard to justify. The idea behind this style of brush cutter comes from following the overall idea of a string trimmer but making it beefier. Using a blade vs string you have a lot more opportunity to catch the thicker growth, and the gas engine offers a lot of power over the better known Ryobi battery platform.

Ryobi Brush Cutter Review Features

Ryobi Brush Cutter Review

The Ryobi Brush Cutter features a Full Crank Engine, which prolongs engine life. A zip start carburetor allows for easy starting of the two cycle, 25 cc motor. Ryobi also includes a 3-year warranty.

Ryobi Brush Cutter Review

Additionally, the included power head allows you to disconnect the brush cutter attachment to utilize some of Ryobi’s other attachments for their expand- it system. The wing nut is a simple way to attach the attachments while keeping the joint secure. You even have the option to use any universal attachments from other manufacturers, just be sure to verify compatibility.

Ryobi Brush Cutter Review

The straight shaft improves reach in hard to reach spaces.

Ryobi Brush Cutter Review

Includes an 8-inch tri-arc steel blade that you can reverse for extended usage.

Ryobi Brush Cutter Review

The power controls are easy to use and give the user a lot of output control based on need and comfort.

Ryobi Brush Cutter Review

The J shaped handle is covered with foam padding for enhanced comfort and can be moved along the shaft for customization.

Ryobi Brush Cutter Review

I love that Ryobi shoulder strap allows for longer use and reduces the discomfort of vibrations during use.

Ryobi Brush Cutter Review

Included with the Ryobi Brush Cutter is also the components of a string trimmer head for ultimate versatility.

Ryobi Brush Cutter Review

The string trimmer head uses a .095 inch thick trimmer line with an 18-inch cutting radius.

Ryobi Brush Cutter Review

A Reel easy tap advance system included in the head allows for easy release of the line by tapping the head on the ground. They did include a small handle to attach for easier turning when installing new string or manually releasing the string.

Ryobi Brush Cutter Review Performance

The Ryobi Brush Cutter is a great tool for what it is. I didn’t have a huge expectation given that I have used professional grade machines before. I was pleasantly surprised though.  While I wouldn’t rely on it to clear out acres of brush, it ultimately had no issue clearing out the typical brush and weeds we see here. With trails that weave through our woods, maintenance is important at keeping the critters from taking over. We love our wild bunnies and deer, but too much brush is a snake magnet.

From wild blackberry vines, the palms that come out of the woodwork in a heavy rain, and loads of small saplings, the brush cutter sliced right through it. One of our most prevalent “brush” trees here is Yaupon Holly. Now, this tree is gorgeous in the winter, but it is incredibly invasive and will grow in the strangest pattern in order to flourish, additionally, it prohibits other trees from standing a chance. Yaupon is a tough tree to cut, as the viscous and stringy trunk is hard to actually cut through, but even saplings as thick as an inch didn’t stand a chance against the brush cutter.

When it comes to the string trimmer, It’s a great addition to the tool from a value standpoint. It was tedious to attach though. The benefit of multi-head attachment systems is the ease of switching between the heads without a lot of hassle. The way this was set up, you remove the brush cutter’s blade and guard etc, to attach the string trimmer. I just wasn’t a fan of the process as once you’ve removed small bolts etc, things have a tendency of disappearing. If you were someone who only needed the brush cutter occasionally which I imagine is most people this wouldn’t be too much of an issue. I wouldn’t rely though on switching between the two on a regular basis as it would be tedious. Having said all that, the trimmer works well once attached. The 18-inch cut pattern is impressive and larger than most string trimmers out there, especially given this price point.

Another important bonus is that the trimmer is comfortable to use, something I wouldn’t normally say about gas powered trimmers. Combining a shoulder strap with the smooth motor and straight shaft design makes for a great tool.

Ryobi Brush Cutter Review Value

The Ryobi Brush Cutter is available at Home Depot for $149.00. To me, this is a killer value for anyone needing a way to cut through brush or larger weeds. Compared to similar models, the Ryobi Brush Cutter is a steal. I love that they included a string trimmer head for versatility and for a homeowner on a budget that goes a long way. Ryobi is known for their value-added products and this is no exception. I wish it were easier to switch between the two, but it still adds value for its inclusion. Should you need both tools consistently, you could purchase the separate attachment for the string trimmer. As well, this powerhead can attach to not only Ryobi’s but other manufacturers universal attachments. This is another testament to Ryobi making good calls in keeping the consumer in mind.

Ryobi Brush Cutter Review Final Thoughts

Ryobi made a great product in the Ryobi Brush Cutter, there is a host of versatility and use for me and I suspect a lot of you out there could get a lot of good use out of this tool as well. I love that Ryobi included the string trimmer, which adds a lot of value if you aren’t frequently switching between the brush cutter and the trimmer heads. For just the brush cutter attachment and gas power head it is an awesome tool and one that has been used quite a bit since it arrived here. It’s easy to operate, effective and comfortable, something that is hard to find in gas-powered OPE. Ryobi always prices their tools fairly, and for the quality and performance, this is one of the best buys I have seen in a while!

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ryobi-brush-cutter-reviewBrush Cutters aren't as popular as some OPE, but for those with wild growing vines and trees, or above average weeds they are an essential part of your yard maintenance routine. Ryobi has brought to market a tool that mimics its more expensive counterparts but doesn't break the bank. This tool may not solve all of your brush cutting needs, but for smaller jobs and maintenance, its a winner.


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