Ryobi 6Ah Battery

Ryobi 6Ah Battery

Roybi has the largest line of cordless power tools for the homeowner. While Ryobi is geared to the homeowner, you will still see a lot of professional jump into this line of tools. First, you can pick them up at your Local Home Depot store. Second, they are quality tools with professional features but they cost much less. Third, they have so many more products than just power tools which means you get more bang for your buck when you invested into the Ryobi line of tools. My one knock against Ryobi was the 4Ah battery. While it’s a great battery, I wanted something more. So let me introduce to you the Ryobi 6Ah battery.

Ryobi recently launched a 6Ah and a 9Ah battery which means they have taken a large and power line of tools and gave it a much longer run time. This means that not only will your tools run longer but your home products like the cordless vacuum, radio, cooler and more will run longer.

Ryobi 6Ah Battery Overview

Ryobi 6Ah Battery

The battery is part of the One+ system which means it works on any 18V Ryobi tool or product. Yes, even your tools from back in the day, this battery will run. In fact, Ryobi is the only company on the market that goes this far back and will allow you to use new batteries with much older tools. As you can see, the Ryobi still uses the stick pack which means it will fit your older tools.

Ryobi 6Ah Battery

As with the other Ryobi batteries, this has a four-bar status light to show how much power is available on the battery. Just push the green button and the lights will illuminate.

Ryobi 6Ah Battery Value

You can pick the Ryobi 6Ah battery up at The Home Depot in a twin pack for about $120.  As of right now, I only see a twin pack and not an individual battery. Considering most power tool companies charge this for a single battery, a twin pack at $120 is a great value.

Over the years Ryobi has stepped up their game. Now with a 6Ah and a 9Ah battery, it’s hard to pass up this line. For the homeowner or even light professional, Ryobi has a ton to offer.


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