Ryobi 18V Hammer Drill Model P1813

Ryobi Hammer Drill

Well, it’s finally here, a Ryobi cordless drill.  Okay, yes they have had a cordless drill out for a long time, but this one is a little different.  If you have used a Ryobi drill in the past, you know they are great drills, but they do lack the feel and power of a tough drill.  The new Ryobi Hammer drill 18V model P1813 now fills the gap.  While Ryobi is designed for the homeowner, I do know a lot of small contractors who use Ryobi tools for a variety of reasons.  I always hear guys give different reasons as for why they use Ryobi, but there are a couple common themes.  First, you can buy them right at any Home Depot, so it’s convenient.  Also, they don’t break the bank and the common theme is theft.  If someone steals their tools, it’s not a huge hit to replace them like it would be with the other manufacturers on the market.

Ryobi Hammer Drill

So homeowners and contractors will be glad to know that Ryobi has a new hammer drill available as a bare tool or a kit.  Once you pick this drill up, you will notice the difference right away.  This isn’t some lightweight tool.  This is a quality feeling tool that has some weight to it and just feels like it can take a heck of a beating and last.  For the homeowner, this will probably be the last drill you buy.

So get this.  The drill produces 750 in/lbs of torque.  Not bad for only having a price tag of $130 which is the tool, a battery, and charger.  The drill is powered off their One+ battery 18V system and has a brushless motor, which means more efficiency for the tool.  Since this is a hammer drill, Ryobi made a heavy duty metal 1/2″ chuck that should be able to take the abuse over time.  As with most other drills, this has a 2-speed selector and 24 position clutch.  You can change your mode right on top of the drill from hammer, to drill, to fastening mode.  The drill has 24,000 BPM in hammer mode.

I am happy to see Ryobi design a tough hammer drill that will appeal to a ton of people.  Now I am not too excited about the side handle as it’s not a quick release, but I am happy they have included a side handle with this drill. Some people have complained about a high pitch noise when using the drill, but I can’t say I hear it.  Maybe because I am half deaf or maybe I am just used to drill motors.  There is a little pitch, but nothing that I would have pointed out if I didn’t know people were complaining about that noise.

I have to say this is just another reason to go with Ryobi and their huge line of 18V tools.  Not only do they have a large line of 18V tools for the homeowner, but they have such a wide variety of tools that really make this a great line to own.



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