RotoSaw+ 6-Amp Spiral Saw – Jack Of All Trades


For the past few weeks I have been following around a few contractors getting their feedback of the RotoSaw+ from RotoZip.  A couple things that I found surprising was how many tradesman use a Rotozip and all the jobs that a Rotozip can do.  For drywall and tile it is a no brainer but I was stunned to see a hardwood flooring installer use it on his tight cuts and to cut a medallion in the middle of a floor on a custom home.  Rotozips pretty much can be used for anything and any material.  They are great for circles, squares or just about any shape you want.  Just plunge and go.

Rotozip floor Rotozip Drywall

6 amps of power and a variable speed from 15,000 to 30,000 rpm get the job done.  Over the weekend I was using it to cut some tile for a fire-place.  With all the options and accessories the possibilities are endless.  Look for more coverage in the next few weeks and even some Pro videos where we go out with the pros and get their take on the RotoZip.


  1. I guess the best way of saying it is it’s not your dad’s Rotozip tool anymore. The one thing that would be cool is if the offered a version that used Bosch batteries. I doubt they would do that because of “branding” issues. I wouldn’t want a Rotozip that only used Rotozip batteries though.

  2. We still have the non Bosch version (well I think) & I love it. I use it to carve out names, figures, & cut holes in plywood, sheet rock, or drywall. But the best use for me is my wood projects. I got my oldie but goodie at a garage sale for 2 bucks many moons ago. Looking at the updated version & I really want to get one even more. There appears that you can do everything & using your imagination will be its limit. If they could make cordless one it will really be neat, but it will not be $2 bucks. Next time at Lowes I’ll drool over it some more. Maybe the wifey will notice & get me one for my bday. One can dream. Laters TIA


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