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We told you about the original VDV Scout a while back.  It is an all around great tool for network and cable installers to troubleshoot voice, data and video wiring issues. It can measure cable length up to 2000 feet, even distance to an open fault.  They offer different kits of the VDV scout Pro 2 and it now is compatible with up to 8 Test-n-Map remotes.  This tool real cuts down on troubleshooting, in seconds you can see if you have a split pair, open or short.  Test and identify up to 8 locations at once and map up to 19 cable runs.  it even comes with a case and 8 RJ45 jumper cables.

You can use the built in 4 tone generator to send signals in pairs or wires 1-8.  It will also detect shield protection and voltage.  Check out our video below and also take a look at Klein’s video of the tool.  They added a bonus 80’s rock ballad soundtrack to it.  When I watched it I wanted to hold up a lighter and wave it back and fourth.  See more over at Kleintools.com.


  1. It looks like a good kit for basic testing. Testers in this price range typically use capacitance to measure length; it’s not as accurate as TDR, and can’t measure distance to a short, but shorts rarely occur in twisted pair cables, and less rarely in coax.

    Also, the second embedded video is somehow “private”.


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