Bosch HDH181X Hammer Drill and Drill Driver


Yes you are reading the correct title and yes we have done this drill/driver and hammer drill before.  So why are we doing it again?  Well we wanted to talk about a couple of the cool features these two tools have to offer.  Before I go into that, I have to admit I have been using the previous models for a long time and love them.  To me they are the workhorse of the drills.  I have beat them, left them outside in the rain and snow, dropped them and they just keep on working.  If you are familiar with the previous models, you might look at these and say to yourself, “hey these look identical, what is the difference?”

While most of the stats are pretty much the same, yes there are differences, but there is one huge difference.  The drill driver and hammer drill now have something called Active Response Technology.  As you can see in the video below, Active Response Technology is a very cool safety feature to protect the user.  I am usually one who doesn’t tend to like safety features because they always seem to hamper the use of the tool, but with this safety feature, I am all in.  Have you ever been drilling a hole and hit rebar or drilling a large diameter hole only for the drill to kick and twist not only your wrist, but your elbow and even your shoulder?  If you have, you know the pain you can get from this.  Yes, you should always be holding onto the drill with two hands when you do this type of application, but sometimes the job doesn’t give you that freedom.  With Active Response Technology, if the drill senses any type of fast twisting or spikes, it shuts the drill down to protect the user from getting jarred, therefore protecting the user.  All I can say is just check out the video below to see how it works.  Bottom line if you’re looking to protect your workers or yourself, check out the new Bosch Drill/Driver and Hammer Drill.


  1. Hey guys, I’ve been through 5 of these in 2 months, and if you put them in the L Boxx and carry them suitcase style they will all leak fluid from the gearbox where the plastic joins the metal. Try it! Make sure though to carry ii suitcase style so that the drill is upside down. The more days it stands like that the more it will leak.


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