Rockwell Sonicrafter X2 – More choices and features!



When Multi-Tools were released they were the best thing since sliced bread.  Well now they have been around for a while and we are starting to see 2.0 versions of these tools.  Things like tool- less blade change and cross brand accessory compatibility are defining the second generation of these tools.

Rockwell has recently revamped the Sonicrafter and come out with 3 models to fit most anyone’s needs.  We got to test out these bad boys and like all Rockwell tools you get a good value for the money.  The new tool has a universal fit system that allows you to use any other manufactures accessories.  This is a great feature.   We all know that Rockwell builds some great clamping tools so they brought that knowledge over and they call it Hyperlock.  1 ton of clamping force holds the accessory in place.  You release the lever on the top and a pin drops from the bottom allowing you to insert the accessory.

The 3 amp X2 is the top of the line Sonicrafter.  It comes with a cool case, a bunch of accessories, including a Sonishear which works great cutting open those stubborn plastic packages.  This tool is robust and very comfortable to work with.  They also have a 2.5 amp and a 2.3 amp version of the tool depending on your budget.  Great features and good price points make the Rockwell Sonicrafter an excellent choice for anyone looking for a quality oscillating tool.



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