Rockwell Jawhorse and RK9100 Welding Station Accessory Attachment


I am going to start by saying the Jawhorse is something I use everyday and is one of my favorite tools.  It does a lot of things from clamping and holding just about anything.  I use it for painting, grinding, cutting etc.  It has never failed me and always has been stable for any project.  There are a few accessories that expand the use of this tool, the one we are going to talk about today is the RK9100 Welding Station.  It turns the Jawhorse into a giant welding clamp.  The kit comes with 2 aluminum jaws that replace the existing rubber pads.  It also comes with an arm clamp assembly that will hold your your work while you tack weld it.

It took me about 5 minutes to turn the Jawhorse into a welding station.  I have a lot of projects planned for the Jawhorse.  The first thing I needed to do was plasma cut some sheet metal.  I attached the ground for the plasma to one of the two clamp areas on the aluminum jaws. I placed the sheet metal between the jaws and started to cut.  It was great having a stable work platform and having the  ground cable clamp out of the way.  When I had to turn the sheet, I just unlocked the jaw, positioned the work and retightened the jaw.  The foot clamp allows for easy no handed clamping and clamps with up to to 1 ton of force!  You can clamp up to 37 inches.


Once I had the piece all cut it was time to weld my project together,  I was able to turn my work in all different ways to accommodate my welding technique.  The aluminum V jaws are perfect for holding pipe.   What’s good about the Jawhorse is that it is portable.  I am able to use it inside, outside and take it anywhere I need to.  Another cool feature is that it folds up for portability, so when your wife is yelling that she can’t get her car in the garage, you can just fold it up and stow it in a corner.  It weighs 43lbs and has a 5 year warranty.  To wrap up, the Jawhorse and the welding station are a quality, innovative product that every garage should have.  Check out Rockwell.



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  2. Rockwell doesn’t sell any accessories for the jawhorse, not the welding station, nothing at all I called the company. Go to and see for yourself. Good tool but no accessories for it.


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